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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Google nest mini takes a long time to respond

My Google nest mini takes a long time to respond and the truth is that it is very annoying and I would like someone to help me with this problem since the Google nest that I gave my mother with a smart light bulb it takes a long time to respond and t...

Dyl4nt by Community Member
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Convert Personal routine to Household?

Hi,I've got a few automations that I have had for well over a year, but now I'm trying to turn a couple of them into household automations. They're listed as personal, but they're intended to be available to the whole house.Other than just recreating...

Customized a routines to turn on or off light one by one

I'm wish to create an routine for my nest to do multiple action but not all at the same time... For example turn on light A then wait for 5 sec turn on light B and maybe eait for another 3 sec turn on light C and then wait for 10 sec turn off light A...

Sh3rman by Community Member
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Nest cameras 2step verification issue

I change my phone number so when I do the two step verification the code is being sent to my old number how do I go around this thank you

Mvp22 by Community Member
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Next Hub Max Screen Lock To Prevent Temperature Change

I am looking into buying a Google Nest Hub but I want to know if there is a way to restrict/lock the hub from controlling my Nest Thermostat. I have the thermostat locked currently to a temperature range and didn't want users to be able to go outside...

JimmyZ by Community Member
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Home App 403 error can't edit routines

I can't edit or create new routines. In the home App when I clic a routine it shows a 403 error. I already deleted cache, data and even reinstall and reset the phone. I have no pending softwares updates.Android 11 Samsung Galaxy A70. Screen capture o...