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What’s the most frequently used automation in your home?

Hey Google Nest Community, Welcome to our first automation discussion! To kick things off, we’ll start simple: Tell us about the most-used home automation that you’ve set up. For example, do you have the lights turn on gradually in the morning to hel...

Lights turning on on two homes at once

I Have google home at my house and I set it up at my parents house recently as well. When I say "hey google i'm home" it now triggers the lights to turn on at both homes. I had their house setup in my google home app originally but have since deleted...

Coolhand by Community Member
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Lights Randomly Turn On

I have 7 canless led color changing lights in my kitchen connected to Google Nest/Google Home. Without any input from me or without any noise some of the lights randomly turn on...usually within ############ minutes. Confused and annoyed. Thoughts?

Theh8ed by Community Member
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Removing a news source from a routine

I would like to remove a news source on my good morning routine but the play news area is greyed out, it will not let me add or remove news source.

G_Richet by Community Member
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C by age bulbs connection

I purchased C by Ge bulbs direct connect smart bulbs and I keep getting the error that Bluetooth is not connected. My wifi and Bluetooth are both turned on. I’m not sure what the issue is. Anybody have any insight as to why this is happening.

sjkess10 by Community Member
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CYNC Smart Plug no longer responding

#SmartPlug#Smart_Plugs#CYNC_Smart_PlugsI purchased a "Nest Mini + Smart Plug" combo and was initially successful in setting up smart plug through Google Home however after a few days the plug no longer responds to voice commands nor through Home app....

Resolved! Google Home lost ability to connect to Philips Hue

As of 1/19, Google Home is no longer able to control all Philips Hue lights (Philips Hue Bridge). The Google Home app shows all lights as offline. All google devices advise unable to connect to Philips Hue. Alexa devices continue to be able to contro...

CodeMan by Community Member
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Nest hub light

I have had this hub for 2 years. All of a sudden it turns on its bright light in the middle of the night and wakes me up. How can I fix that?

Resolved! Wifi kettle

I’ve tried to add a smart wifi kettle to Google home for the last 4 hours… seriously the kettle works with its app but when I try to add it to Google assistant no go, it’s says it’s been added , but isn’t in the list of linked devices or showing in t...