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Google Nest from Honeywell

  I'm a complete noob, can anyone help me if this google nest will be able to be installed. There are multiple C's, and there's a RH RC. My current thermostat is an old honeywell and broken which is why I thought a new smart thermostat would be great...

20230830_004558.jpg 20230830_010402.jpg
LOVELLiE by Community Member
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myQ garage door

Would be nice to be able to say, okay Google, open garage door and or close garage door since I have myQ app and the garage door is on my home WiFi.

Vivimt home security

Please make it a point to get Google home working with and or controlling Vivint home security devices. You all just came up with routines for home automation. Reach out to Vivint and get Google home and assistant some control over their products, so...

Thermostat nest change location

I need some assistance. My nest V3 is not showing the correct location outside temperature. I have looked up in the community and everything I've tried doesn't work. I would add that I moved from my last location of 27 years to a new location that ha...

Steve011 by Community Member
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nvidia shield status for automations

Hi all, I used to have a ccwgtv and from there I could get the state of the device (playing / paused) and use that to dim lights at night time. Unfortunately my ccwgtv broke and I change to using a shield, however I cant seem to get the status of the...

Aqara Matter/Thread door sensors & Google Nest Hub

I picked up the new Aqara door sensor's and connected it to my v2 Nest Hub.Trying to figure out how to create an Automation when the door opens, so that I get an alert. I know there was a release today but it is unclear if it will work with the new A...

veecee by Community Member
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