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What’s the most frequently used automation in your home? Read more

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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home?

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Ok Google, lock the front door” there are so many fun and helpful queries you can ask Google Assistant. You can play music, turn on your favorite shows, create shopping lists and even more to control your sma...

Please log into google app

My google speakers suddenly stopped working. It keeps asking me to log into the good home app on both speakers. I have reboot and reset to factory conditions but it repeats the same message. Help please

Rob82 by Community Member
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Download a video section not in an event section

I want to save a section of video from my nest camera that did not register as an event. I don't see any camera footage (or devices) when logging on to nest on my computer. I see it all on google home, but that only allows me to download events. Is t...

jmccaslin by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Electric Car Charging?

Hi all, we are in the planning stages of building our house from scratch. I want to have a smart home and am looking at smart home ecosystems. I love Google devices, so it makes sense to consider setting up Google Home with all the relevant devices. ...

TimTim by Community Member
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Household routine

I can't find household routine in my google home app. I found the column saying that routines are only available in select region and languages as shown below. I am living in japan and my phone device language is English. Do I have to change my phone...

Mee2 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Can I get my Google Wi-Fi to work what should I do

Galew411 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Problem with Google Tv and Star+

I have problems with my Google Tv, the app of star+ isn't compatible with Google Tv, and also I can't transmit some of the movies from my cellphone to the Google Tv, I can heard the movie, but the screen look black.

EriUs by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Limited Access

When will Google add limited access feature to Google home members? Is there even a plan for it?

mmmarrrkk by Community Member
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Nest Cam set up and App Migration

I'm trying to set up my new Nest Cams and can neither migrate my Nest (thermostat) app with Google Home, nor set up the new devices without migrating!What pain in the arse! I'm really regretting buying the Nest Cam. Three easy steps? Oh,'s an...