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Cannot reset or run safety check on Nest Protect

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A few days ago I had a carbon monoxide alert from the protect in my garage.  The levels reduced after opening the garage doors, but all of my Protects are pulsing yellow every 5 seconds.  I have tried to run a safety check via the app, but it will not start.  I have tried to perform a reset, but after pressing and holding the button, the device starts to say its version number, but is cut-off before it can complete and instead says “silenced” and returns to the yellow pulse every 5 seconds.  This is the behavior on all of the protects in the house.  Google support was not able to resolve.  The Gen 2 protects were purchased and installed approximately 6 months ago.


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Problem solved.  I was not able to isolate a single protect, but did continue to attempt to reset different protects.  I also have a Nest mesh wifi, and sequentially reset each end point.  Apparently that forced the protects to reconnect and that resolved the issue.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks, 


Thanks for posting and apologies for the late response. 


@H-Man, really appreciate the help! 


@bwali, appreciate you for updating this thread with your resolution, it's a big help. We will consider this as resolved and will close the thread within 24hrs. Thanks!