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I set my thermostat at night to 64 degrees.  When I wake up it is set at 68 degrees.  I DO NOT WANT THAT.  I have turned off ALL of the auto settings, and have nothing on the schedule, but it still does it.  HELP!!!


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Go to settings, select Eco. The screen will show you stop using Eco, or Start using Eco. If it says start using Eco, don't select YES. Press cancel.

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Thanks for the continued help and clarification here, eveluna. Much appreciated!




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Hi folks,


I wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help. Please let me know if you are still having any trouble from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further.




I am experiencing the same problem.  Several times last night, I (manual) set the temp to 68, through both the app and on the physical thermostat.  Multiple times, the thermostat adjusted up without any input, almost randomly setting between 69 and as high as 71.  I followed all of the suggestions here for correcting the problem, and nothing has stuck.  I went so far as performing a full factory reset and removed the thermostat from my account, then added it back on.  I disabled everything:  Home/Away Assist, Auto-Schedule, Early-On, Cool-to-Dry, Sunblock, Airwave, Eco Temperatures, Fan Schedule.  I even went on to disable everything related to Home/Away Assist, turning on proximity to Nest Protects and the thermostat, as well as phone location.  The only thing enabled is Safety Temp, with a minimum of 45 set (maximum is disabled).  No schedules have been set.  After setting the temp to 68 this morning, I thought the problem was fixed.  No.  In the last hour, the thermostat change the temp up to 70.

This is a problem, and it needs to be fixed.  I’ve got a gas furnace, and I have no confidence.  I could come home from work tomorrow to discover it’s randomly set up to 75 or 80, and now I’ve got a significant gas charge.

This is a new behavior.  Never seen this in the five years I’ve had this thermostat.  Some recent software update was botched and needs to be rolled back.

35 minutes later, the thermostat magically turned itself up to 69 from the set point of 68.

8 minutes later, set temp changes from 68 to 69 without contact with the thermostat and the app terminated.

Amazing.  It didn’t even make it 3 minutes without changing from 68 to 69.  How do switch over to ‘dumb, obedient thermostat’ mode?

Unbelievable.  3 minutes and now the thermostat set itself to 70.  Changed the set point down to 65.

This time it made it 5 minutes before setting up from 65 to 66.  Reset back to 65.

Made it 4 minutes.  Temp set up to 66.  Going to leave it and see if it actually stays.  Doubt it.

Just moved up to 67.

5 minutes later, back up to 68 on its own.

I can’t rip this thing off the wall tonight, but I may need to do it in the morning when I can buy a plain thermostat.

Furnace just turned on, because the thermostat turned itself up to 69.

Turned the thermostat down to 60.  Let’s see it happen again.

Another 5 minutes, and now it jumped from 60 to 64 in one step.

And another two degrees to 66 in 2 minutes.

+4 minutes, 67 and rising.

+6 minutes, now at 68.

And I was fortunate to actually see the thermostat snap from 50 degrees (where I set it after last post) straight up to 64.  +4 minutes.  Ripping this thing out in the morning, hoping it doesn’t force me to turn it off and freeze the water pipes before then.  Thanks for making me take a vacation day unnecessarily.

How is it even possible the thermostat increased up to 69 on its own?  I have repeatedly set this thing down over the past 15 minutes.  Turning off and hoping it doesn’t turn itself back on.

I can’t believe it.  This just went from a small joke to a large joke.  Nest turned itself back on and set its temp to 64, disregarding the fact that my only safe temp is 45 Fahrenheit.

Well done


Well done.

Now I have screen capture videos showing me turning Nest off (completely), and loading the app again I hear the furnace turn on about 3-4 minutes later.



And the band played on.

EA5EE07B-B139-4144-9F33-632C6DB8A32D.pngNo hands.  Did it all on its own.

EA85A3AA-81BA-4FD0-A01E-EA68EB5836B4.pngAnd it still wanted to go higher.

ED013FD2-FEE2-4AE8-9ACC-4C0CA7EF754E.pngAnd Nest isn’t done yet.

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I have done everything suggested in this thread. If I turn my air on when I wake up in the morning, my heat is set to 74°. I have removed all of the schedules, I have turned off Eco mode, I have turned off the learning mode. If I set my air to 70°, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and it’s back down to 62. No matter what I do my nest dies whatever it wants to do. I am about to rip it off the wall. It is costing me so much money because it has a mind of its own. Even when I lock the thermostat it’s still changes.

Please help me!

I have the same problem. Disabling auto-schedule still interferes with a schedule I have setup. I’ve told nest to stop it but still insists on controlling my thermostat 😡

I just did the same thing. I turned off auto scheduling, AND I turned off eco mode. However, even with those two off, the green leaf continues showing up. Is eco mode going to do what it wants even though I have it set to off??? The turning off auto schedule worked; however, I wish it made the schedule (when you see all the circles with temps° and lines) where you can select one, and like on phones, have the option to delete series, etc. Just didn't know if you could help with eco mode as well?? Thank you!!

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Thanks for the clarification, eveluna. 


Give those steps a try, everyone. Let me know if you still don't see improvement.



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I would like to speak with you. How can I reach you 

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Text 510-449-1334

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


Sorry for the delay. I wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help. Please let me know if you are still having any concerns or questions from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further.



Yes, still have the problem of the nest thermostat changing the temperature at which I have set it.  Often only a degree or two, but I DO NOT WANT the thermostat to change temps at all!

yes I still have problems with high heat bill

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Yes I am 

this system would not let me finish my original comments because they were NEGATIVE 

It just stopped me and would not let me continue w

I am having the same issue.  I’ve turned off all the automatic settings. Go to be with it set to 65 wake up boiling with the Nest Thermostat changing the temp to 70! Sound like this is a common bug. Anyone find a fix?

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I have same problem. I have tried to reach out to Nest/Google and they could less.  It started when Google