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Neat heatlink wiring

Community Member

Hi, I have a Potterton thermostate which I am trying to replace with the best heatlink. 
I have three wires, Blue, red and yellow. Could anyone shed some light as to what connections these should be wired to on the heatlink. I’ve isolated the red, blue as Common and cannot turn the heating on. 


Community Member

I assume you are talking about the cores at the old thermostat end, is that correct?

Red = Live

Blue = Neutral

Yellow = Switch Wire to your pump

Having said that, those are the normal connections at 99% of thermostats.

Your booklet with the Nest shows clearly the connections you require, but you need to know what system you have before your start. ie: System Boiler, Combi Boiler, Y Plan, S Plan etc., etc.