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Nest Connect Won't Connect to yale lock

Community Member

I want an experienced support tech to walk me through setting this up.

as far as I know, the Nest Connect is properly set up to my Wifi Network.  Connect shows green, and maybe a few feet from my lock.

Aside:  this thing should be able to work WITHOUT wifi, and through Bluetooth, which is what I THOUGHT this thing could work on!

I long-press the white button on top of my lock tumbler.  it tells me "Connecting to Nest".  

I don't find my lock in the Nest App.
this thread has me seriously concerned as to the viability of this product:
Solved: Nest Yale Lock won't connect to nest connect - Google Nest Community
`1 - I have to run on an unsecured guest wifi for this to work?  Not gonna happen!

2 - I have to do a factory reset on the Yale lock itself?  Say what???

I want a tech to come out here and diagnose the problems I'm of charge.  Otherwise, I'll just get a locksmith and rip this thing out and go back to dumb lock & key!

This product seems pretty half-baked to me!  

Thanks, Charles



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actually, don't bother helping me with this.  I've decided to go back to old-fashioned lock&key.   Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best one.  Screw home automation.  


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Community Specialist

Hey there,


At this time, I'll go ahead and lock this thread. If you're still experiencing problems, feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.


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