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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center, where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Welcome to the Smart Home Developer Forum!

Hey Nest Community, Welcome to our Smart Home Developer forum! This space is for developers to discuss, collaborate, and ask questions about their Smart Home integrations using Google Home Cloud-to-cloud, Local, or Matter APIs. Once you post, fellow ...

GoogleFAQ by Solutions Expert
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Resolved! Can't bind voicc skill in google home app

No compatible devices were found in your Govee Home account You may need to set up these devices with Govee Home first. If you have already set up devices, they may not support Google Home. In other cases,devices may not be available due to a tempora...


Resolved! OTA without docker configuration

I have added OTA image file to google home. To test the OTA process it requires docker environment connected to the USB port. Do we have any other process to test ota without docker. How do we test ota for device connected to AC supply?

Harry_p by Community Member
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Google Home APP new UI issue

1. The Google Home APP ios version UI interface cannot respond to requests when clicked.2. The Android version of Google Home APP often encounters interface display errors, as shown in the figure


Resolved! Voice commands to Matter devices

Hello Community!We have successfully used both the ESP-IDF and Nordic SDKs, and their respective development kits, to implement light devices using Matter over Wi-Fi and over Thread. All devices are successfully onboarded by the Google Home app, and ...

MatterDev by Community Member
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