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Routines not running on time

Google Home/Nest routines will not start at the set time. How to fix? (Used to work!)I have tried updating the app and my IOS. I have deleted and recreated the routine. It will start with the key words, but not by itself at the set time. This same ro...

Conor_Mc by Community Member
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Feature Request: Yolink Home Automation

Feature Request. Hello, Please allow for more integration with Yolink in Google Home. There is some and you can link the app within Google Home but not all of their products are supported. ie. Motion Sensors and Moisture Sensors. I contacted Yolink a...

Sending Pictures via Google routines

Hello,I am trying to set up a routine where a trigger will send a picture from my phone to a contact via WhatsApp, but cannot find a way to attach a picture.Is there a way to do this?Kind regards

Pichak by Community Member
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Stop google commands from acting on another home

Hi all,I can't find much info on this and I certainly wouldn't think I am the only person to have the issue.I am a household member of my girlfriends house, when I say 'turn on the living room light' google turns hers on also.etc for other lights and...

Mothy by Community Member
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