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Google Home Hub

We moved from Florida and now want to install our Google here with wifi plugs, switches and such.I cannot get the old WIFI adress deleted or change it please hep. I have reset the unit but it did not remove the wifi address

GH Routines on tablet not pausing music...

I created a routine to turn on lights and play music on my new Lenovo tab plus. When I run the routine from the Tablet it works perfectly. Turns on the gym lights and starts my Siriusxm station through the SXM app. I created a second routine to turn ...

Crackers by Community Member
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Assistant TV control

Right someone needs to help me with this one. We have a Sony Bravia TV with Google built-in. We've had the TV for about a year. All of a sudden we ask the Google assistant (Google home speaker) to turn off the TV. It works when I say it, but when my ...

Gloslad83 by Community Member
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Nest Connect keeps pulsating blue light slowly

I have a Nest Yale lock which also uses a Nest Connect. The lock has been offline for several days. I tried checking my Nest Connect device. When I press the button, when the Connect is plugged in, it just slowly pulses blue. I tried holding down the...

Device to convert WIFI to Ethernet cable

I have a google mesh system. I really like it. I have one problem though. The mesh wants an Ethernet cable to input the internet signal. I recently switched to a Tmobobile ISP. It gets an input from the cellular towers and has an output that is Ether...

sjoefl01 by Community Member
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Presence Sensing Notifications

I am sure this is easy and something I am just overlooking. I was confident Google search would give me the answer. Nope (or not yet!). I want to disable the notification I get on Android when Presence Sensing detects I am now home or away without di...

sporfrog by Community Member
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Can you put a device in more than one room?

I am hoping I am just missing something. I have 2 groups of lights in my kitchen. I control one group of lights in a room called Island, I have another group in a room called Round. What I would like to do is put both groups in a room called Kitchen ...

terri8502 by Community Member
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