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Forum Posts

Can’t connect fetch box

When I say “talk to fetch” as directed in instructions my google mini says “sorry I don’t understand”please help

MichaelS by Community Member
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2 google hubs on same wifi

Hey, i could use a little help,So I live in an appartment with a friend and he has set up his google hub before.Now I want to set up a hub as well with some speakers. Now is my question if it is possible to have my devices seperated from his devices ...

Tom558 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Not able to connect Home to a Infrared device

I have a lamp in my house which can only be controlled by an IR-remote control (intensity, cold/warm light, on/off). To include this lamp nevertheless in my Goggle home I bought a "Panamalar IR Controller" which is part of my WLAN. The App (I use And...

Koloman by Community Member
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Google Nest and Harmony Hub, come on man!

Google Assistant and the Harmony Hub used to work perfectly for me. Now a simple thing such as, “Hey Google, change the channel to 7” results in several different audio responses, none of which is changing the channel on device the TV is using. I hav...

Announce phrase not executing after 1min pause in Home routine

I have a routine set up in Google Home to trigger a momentary switch for a hot water circulator in the garage. The routine starts with me saying “Hot Water”. After a 1 minute delay, I want the routine to say “Please now run the hot water”. I always g...

Chris7 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Lights turning on on two homes at once

I Have google home at my house and I set it up at my parents house recently as well. When I say "hey google i'm home" it now triggers the lights to turn on at both homes. I had their house setup in my google home app originally but have since deleted...

Coolhand by Community Member
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