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What’s the most frequently used query in your smart home?

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Ok Google, lock the front door” there are so many fun and helpful queries you can ask Google Assistant. You can play music, turn on your favorite shows, create shopping lists and even more to control your sma...

Nest app is offline

My thermostat is online, but the Nest app is offline.please help how to set the Nest app is back to online, so I can control the nest thermostat by my smartphone.Thank you in advance for your response.Hung Nguyen

Eco mode

Making sure there’s an Orion to turn off eco mode. Perhaps for default, have it start off? 88 degrees when I got home

Nest Yale Lock Won’t Connect

My Yale Nest Lock isn’t found in my nest app. I found the connect just fine and paired it and it is online. When I add the lock the app doesn’t find it. I have factory reset the lock, reset the connect. I also changed my WiFi to only 2.4 ghz as well ...

dmcbarron by Community Member
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I tell gogle that OK GOOGLE TURN ON THERMOSTAT TO COOL IN LIVING RM.Then it display cool and heat where it is to put cool only how to correct this command. Now in mstr bedroom I tell google turn on to Cool in bedroom and say something wrong in mstr b...

Paulvi by Community Member
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Spoken introduction before Action is activated on Google Nest Hub

Hi, when I for example use a day-routine some of my actions get an introduction like "Oke, we will start <>" And for some actions there is no annoucement. I prefer no annoucement. Those anybody knows how to manage this?Looking forward to your reply!T...

JackVD by Community Member
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How to reset my password of the Nest Account

Hallo,I do not remember my nest account password sine too long ago that I had to log in. Also, I do not receive the email that usually is sent when not remembering the password.Can someone tell me how to reset and create a new NEST account password. ...

Grid connect devices offline in Google home

I've connected the grid connect app to Google home app. I see the devices (lights) that are on grid connect but home says they are offline and can't access them. All are working fine through grid connect app. Have unlinked and relinked multiple times...

AaronA by Community Member
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Help with song requesting on Google Nest Mini?

When I ask my Google Nest Mini to play Run BTS by BTS, it instead plays a song called Run by BTS and not Run BTS by BTS. Is there a way to fix this, or another way I could word it in order for the speaker to understand? I would appreciate the help, I...

ploods by Community Member
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