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Submit feedback on Google Assistant voice commands

We recently shared that Google Assistant is getting an update to improve its understanding of your requests through AI. You can read more about it in our blog post: Better control of your smart devices with Google Assistant. If you notice any changes...

Philips Hue bluetooth (no bridge) not discovered by me Google nest

I have just switched from Amazon Echo to Google Nest. I was using two outlets and two philips bulbs. The outlets connected perfectly the first time through vesync. However, my nest is not finding the bulbs.I checked if they connected through the echo...

Megz1 by Community Member
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Broadlink RM4 Remote Control by Voice Command

Hi all. Hope someone can guide me on this.I have Broadlink RM4 connected to Google Home.I can say these commands without issues:TV channel volume down 5 -> Google turns down volume by 5TV 10 HD channel -> Google press the channel numberSo commands li...

Tommi by Community Member
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Google Home / IFTTT / PushBullet

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know to fix the IFTTT settings now with the google ? Before I could just say "Hey Google, Turn of Media PC" and then it would IFTTT to PushBullet and it would send the single to remote power off the computer .. Now that the c...

Old Nest locations

I just signed up for a new nest account and an old home I had with nest several years ago shows up as my home. Likely it has to do with using the same g-mail account i have always used. How do I get my new home to show as my home?

BobK1 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Neighbors looking out for Neighbors

Is there a platform similar to Ring's Neighbors where we can post videos or comments about events that took place in our neighborhood so other neighbors can be made aware?

gonz925 by Community Member
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Notification sounds

I've read at least three other posts about the inability to change notification sounds. Each thread got a typical BS response from the Google moderator --thanks for the comment, they'll say -- and close the thread. Instead, why don't you take the fee...

steve711 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Issues watching history on camera and doorbell

When I watch Nest Camera and Doorbell history on my Android phone, I cannot lower my phone's volume and the phone's mute feature is ignored.That means even when I'm at a movie or a play, the History's audio blasts loudly.How can I lower the History a...

steve711 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest yale lock help

I have 2 Yale locks. One is on the house door, the other is on the garage. We rent this property through Airbnb, and guest only have access to the house. The garage is set in privacy mode so guest can not use their passcode to enter the garage. When ...

Resolved! How do I Allow Limited Thermostat Access

Hi. I have a Nest thermostat in each of 2 properties and I can access & control them both on my Nest App. I want to give my Daughter access to just one of the thermostats in one property, but not both. I can ask her to download the Nest App. Also she...

JvD by Community Member
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