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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Routines Not Working

Hello,I've created a routine on my Google Home app, and I created a prompt with instructions for what Google Home should do when I give it that prompt, but it just acts as if I am saying random words.I've tried many ways to play around and nothing se...

Honeywell ZWStat Z-Wave K Wire

I have Honeywell ZWStat Z-Wave thermostat. When i open the thermostat to replace with Nest Leaning thermostat, i found that K wire is not mentioned anywhere in manual. I need help to figure out which wire will go where.Honeywell: RC and R have one wi...

Mpancholi by Community Member
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Google home skipping songs

My google home now has started skipping songs without finishing the one its on or it will completely stop playing music. Listening to music on spotify for reference.

Home speakers once again not working

This is getting old. Once again when broadcasting it never uses my voice. It uses the assistant voice which causes a 20 second delay between my message and speakers and half the time the wording is incorrect. Why isn't my voice being transmitted agai...

Xaviorin by Community Member
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My smart lights suddently disappear from my google home

I am using smart lights from Yeelight, which be controlled by Mi Home. My google home had linked with Mi Home, so that I can control all of my lights in google nest.However, I found those lights disappeared from my google home recently, but I can sti...

Redcord by Community Member
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Detecting a yellow car possible?

When a yellow car is coming in the zone, is it possible to trigger a notification?Also, why can't Google nest cam's not detect objects like packages (only doorbells?)

Device not showing in Room

I added a light switch via one of my 'works with google' accounts (Abode). I added the switch to my home and to a room. The switch appears in settings correctly under Devices, Groups, and Rooms, showing the room. The switch appears in the Lighting bu...

Jeff86 by Community Member
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Nest lock offline

My Nest lock went offline yesterday (a few hours after I changed the batteries) and now I can’t seem to reset it. I’ve reinstalled the nest connect and I can’t make the button on the back on the lock turn blue, which is part of the process for reinst...

Jkb113738 by Community Member
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Google Home Mini Not working showing Green Light

Hi All, I am having problems with my Google Home Mini. It's only showing one green light. Also, it's when powered, nothing happens. All of a sudden, it's stopped working. It only shows one green light when the reset button is pressed. I have checked ...

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