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Nest Protect do not appear in Google Home App

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I just purchased 3 Nest Protect detectors installation and setup via the Nest App (iOS) was flawless. However unlike my Nest Door Bell post setup and installation the Nest Protect units do not appear in my Google Home app. Does anyone have a remedy for this problem or can it simply not be done?  

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Diamond Product Expert


The Nest Protects use the Nest app only. Not sure why they are not in the Google Home app yet but I do hope it is something that is planned. I would like to have all my devices in one app.


That's what I thought, yes its unfortunate the only thing I don't have in my Google Home App are the Nest Protect's everything else is there google related except these.

And a ton of things non-google related! Really disappointed by was part of the reason I got google home

Does anyone know what this is marked as a solution for me? Just want to be sure we're drawing attention to this rather sad defect. 

It definitely is NOT resolved and I don’t recall ever setting the thread as such. If I did it was a mistake nor do I know how it would be tagged as such. Problem remains you have to manage Nest Protects separately in the Nest App functionality to manage EVERYTHING in the Google Home App is still not possible unfortunately.

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Diamond Product Expert

I can un mark it since it was my reply. I think the community specialists mark "solutions" when there is no more to add from their end. The platform doesn't differentiate solutions/resolutions/etc

I hear you though. Let's get it un-marked and we can keep the discussion going.

Google fix this!

I can confirm Google responded to a ticket from a "form" they asked users to submit "for more help." They confirmed that Nest Protects do not work in Google Home. (Duh?) They also repeated the words "working on it." And refused any possible timeline. 


So id have to agree that this thread should not be marked solved until google actually solves the issue. 

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Home preview mode also not displaying nest protects.

I also recently got my 1st nest protect and signed up with my Google account, had read protects show up in the newest preview mode but I dont see it. 😕

Yeah anything you may have read as a work-a-round simply will not work to see these in the Home App.

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Is agree. This should have been a default setup setting from google. Disappointed that it’s not. I suppose they’re trying to protect their Nest security ecosystem, but it’s actually turning me off from getting any other nest security products since I refuse to get more products that would require me to use multiple apps for to use.  There’re enough apps out there, Google. Cmon. 

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You will find that 'Google Nest' is not compatible with 'Nest', they are a different product line, but use similar packaging. You will find that you cant use features such as recording a video clip from Google Nest Cams if the Nest Protects detect smoke etc, where as the old Nest Camera's this could be done.

Is this intentionally misleading or just coincidentally misleading?

Pretty sure it is just a marketing ploy by Google to make more cash since they own Nest. Blows monkey chunks if you ask me

You would be correct except in the case of the thermostat. 

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According to Google, the Google Home App does support Google Nest and "Nest" devices as of August 14, 2021. However, I setup my Nest Protect using my Google credentials thinking it would be short cut. However, I cannot log into my "Nest Account" using those credentials. Essentially, I never setup a "Nest Account" so there is nothing to migrate to Google Home. I believe the solution will be to "reset to factory settings" and setup again.

Thank you for the reply(s) everyone I don’t think a total rebuild of my Google Home app will resolve the problem. I had ZERO issues with my Nest Hello Doorbell showing up in the home app. My X3 Protects did not from the start they setup nicely in the Nest App just not the Home app. I guess I just have to wait for a one shop app to manage everything Google.

Don't bother, that won't work either unless you actually have a Nest account.

When I bought my Nest Protect a few years ago, they had already disabled new sign-ups, so it can ONLY be set up using a Google account.
The documented method of setting it up in Home requires a Nest account.

They have been promising a fix for three years now without delivering...

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I have the same issue, 1 have 4 nest protect smoke detectores and they are NOT in the google home App, same as described by ptlump.


I also have the same issue. Really frustrating since google is making the new cams only show in google home!

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Direct from Google support you CANNOT manage Nest Protect via the Home App at this time. They are continuing to work towards that ability until then it the Nest App to manage the devices.

This is simply absurd. Google bought Nest in 2014, and now it’s 2022. Plenty of time to integrate… really sad and surprising. I wouldn’t have bought a nest protect if I knew this sad fact. 

They're busy enumerating participation trophies. Google hasn't really innovated or improved upon a product for the last couple of years. Finishing migrations and integrations really isn't on their to-do list.

Just look at the state of the Hangouts merge they were supposed to get done in what, 2017? Still not done.

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This is now beyond a joke , nearly 2 years waiting for a resolve on this, Google made the product dumb and should of left the forced migration until they had a clear path to add detectors into Google home , 

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I agree that this is ridiculous and I wish I have seen this before buying 6 of these expensive devices. I want to be able to turn all my lights on in case of emergency and have everything controlled in a single app. This is the main reason why you buy in the 'same' google ecosystem. Why the F do they break their products up without allowing the simplest form of integration? You can control a €1 light from Aliexpress but not a €120,- smoke detector FROM THE SAME COMPANY?

This is literally, 100% exactly how I feel.  So pathetic. 

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Is this a joke? Almost all kind of smart products (>> 1000) of more than 200 manufacturers can be linked to Google Home except GOOGLE Nest Protect!!! How am I explaining this to my wife? 😉

I know eh, unreal like previous people i'm very much for one stop app ... one app to rule them all having to flip between the Nest App & Google Home is annoying ATM. My Nest Doorbell shows up in the HOME app I figured it would be only natural the Protects would as well seems not.

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How do you find those smart products ?

Sonoff products like the smart switches can be linked, bit if you have one with a temperature and humidity sensor, the values cannot be seen in google home.
Who adapts the products to google home ? The vendor or Google ?

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This is ridiculous. So they turn off IFTTT integration but give no way to integrate it into Google Home/Hue to turn on my house lights in case of an emergency? What a joke. Have 7 of these, bricked since I updated my account to Google instead of just Nest. 

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The Google home application that came free and included with the Google nest HUB was a nice surprise. Simple to use, possible to use in several homes and no manual needed.

When you get this simplicity, it's very hard to accept missing bricks, such as not being able to switch on lights, when the nest protect triggers.

So why doesn't google fix this? It would pay off in perception and make us accept buying higher value added Nest devices.

Sitting with three homes, and a number of devices, you somehow feel a bit ripped off.

Not good for a "Don't be evil" supplier.

Maybe google needs to open up the code to open software ...



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Same boat. I have had Nest Smoke Alarms for years and have one in virtually every room. I used to really like Google as a company but I have learnt over the years that if you are an early adopter of google products you will be let down. Google is like a toddler getting excited about a new toy but the next minute they will drop it and not care anymore.

Got rid of my nest Thermostats got rid of my nest Cameras. As my nest smoke alarms fail I would replace them for any non Google product. Dont trust Google to support expensive hardware. Migrating away from as many Google products as I can so I won't be let down by shoddy support. If Google did not have such a strangle hold on searches / YouTube they would be toast. 

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I set up wired Nest Protects in several different rooms and everything was fine. They were all visible in the Nest app. Now, they are not visible in the Nest app or in Google Home. I cannot tell the status of them anymore. These are smoke and CO detectors and it is important that I know that they are functioning properly. Somehow, when Google bought Nest they broke the Nest app so now I don't know if they even work any more. Can someone tell me how I can restore all of the Nest Protects so that they appear in the Nest app? Btw, all the detectors are mounted on very high ceilings that I cannot reach. Thank for your help. 

I think you need to try to re-add the units again Brian to the Nest App. I don’t think you have many options in terms of taking them off the mounts to do that as you need the QR code on the back to add them.

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Why is a simple acknowledgement and observation we all have accepted as 'the solution'? Is this an attempt to deescalate this issue?

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Your talking to a brick wall. Google are not listening. 

Just stop using Google products and buy from a company who have a proper interest in smart products. 

I'm beginning to reach this realization.  Between their smoke detectors not being in Google Home, to their summary execution of the Nest Secure home security platform (a complete FU to people who paid many hundreds of dollars for their systems), to absolutely nonexistent technical support for ANYTHING, I think I will rip out all Google smart home products except for speakers soon.  Google's motto should be "don't buy our hardware"

Spot on.. 

Companies who do well in the long run have eye for detail. Plus when they do something they do it 100%.

Google will be like Yahoo but it will take approx. 10 to 15 years. When you are so big you don't see the decline coming. 




It’s a miracle for me such big and resourceful company is not able to fix a General very easy topic within 2 years. The crazy thing about it is they first break every function before, without have any working solution. Sounds they want get rid of customers in the first place. How I suppose to trust and buy google products in the future, as fancy they may are, if I am get cheated and let down in the next second. Have a lot of the nest protect. Basically not smart at all anymore. Nothing can be triggered, read or shown out anymore except stupid push information in the nest app. No Hue lights, no IFFT, no connection trigger to nothing anymore. 

i just want one time meet and talk to the person who is responsible at google for this pure Desaster on all fronts.