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Update on Assistant experience on Nest Speakers & Displays Read more

Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Resolved! Having trouble with Speaker groups? Read this first

Hi everyone, Thank you for continuing to notify us of the reliability issues you’re facing with your Speaker groups. I escalated these issues internally and the team is actively investigating a resolution. If you’re able, all feedback is appreciated!...

Google Home now says Lumiman smart bulbs "Not Responding"

I've had three Google voice assistants for several years now. Recently all three of them stopped responding to voice commands to operate Lumiman smart bulbs. Google Home now says the devices are "not responding." The Lumiman app still works and allow...

NMadson by Community Member
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Google Home speaker group not recognized by services

I have set up a speaker group that consists or a nest display and mini. That group is no longer being recognized by Amazon music, Spotify or any other music streaming service. They used to be. I deleted the group and re-added. That didn't work. It wo...

Ajnord by Community Member
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Google Nest Speaker muffled and phasing sound quality

I have had a Google Nest Speaker for around a year and for ages it's operated really well. Sound has been great via Spotify (our preferred music provider).Over the last few weeks I've noticed that the sound phases in and out of being super muffled. I...

Sharpsa by Community Member
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Please old-school letter to Google Corporate

To be clear... this isn't only Google Nest Mini. The problem is all speakers first generation Google home, tall mini and Google Nest tall and mini. The problem is as discussed on another thread, Google Assistant keeps stopping mid-sentence and even w...

Display keeps switching to stock photos

My Google Home display has been shuffling through my Google Photos album for the past year, until last week. Since then it has switched to the stock photos on three occasions. I reset the display (unplug it) and it goes back to my album. Any help wit...

SaintPat by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to connect with shared apartment wifi

Hi there,I recently bought a nest hub gen 2, but am unable to connect to the wifi (shared apartment wifi). I tried locating the MAC address, but haven't managed to find it yet. I followed instructions on the Help page, but my Google Home app doesn't ...

Nanunane by Community Member
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Home audio skipping and choppy

For the last few months I have been having issues when using a group of speakers (Google Home speakers). This is true when using Spotify or listening to SiriusXm or any other audio. The audio becomes choppy on the various speakers and then finally st...

Doritoes4u by Community Member
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