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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far?

New discussion incoming! Did you know that you can save devices, actions, and automations to your Favorites in the new Google Home app? These and other features are now available in the Public Preview. Read more about them in our blog: Request an inv...

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After Resetting Chromecast Google Drive pics Doesnot shown on tv

Dear Sir Few Months Back, I reset my Google Chrome Device with your assistance. But After resetting it, I m not able to see my Google Drive pics on TV. Earlier it was automatically started when i switched on chrome. How to see the pics again. Please ...

Davinder by Community Member
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Govee led lights not connecting

My led lights for govee wont connect. It pops up as “account linked” then nothing pops up in the app. I use to have my lights working but about 1-2 months ago they just randomly stopped and will no longer connect. Eventually got newer lights and stil...

Kai_leavy by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Not Working Alert

When we purchased and installe dour Nest thermostat I thought there was a way that I would get an alert on my phone if it stopped working. We live far away from the home with the thermostat. It stopped working 7 days ago but I got no alert. The only ...

Helen3 by Community Member
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Cannot connect device when moved to a different location

I just purchased the Nest. I set it up at a friend's house & it worked great. I took it home & it won't connect to my wifi? Does it need to be set up all over again, or should it automatically connect since my phone is connected to my wifi?

chetian by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Issues with linking Spotify or Pandora to Goggle home

I am constantly receiving the following message whenever I try to link my Spotify or Pandora music app to GOOGLE HOME APP. "Something went wrong - Try again". I tried power off the iphone and uninstalled the Spotify and Pandora Music apps - power dow...

JAP by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! Heat mode

Why can’t I change my thermostat to heat mode

Wendy9 by Community Member
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Google Nest Compatibility

Hi Everyone I just moved to a studio and it has a small ac unit. It is a Mirage Ventus inverter 19. I was wondering if it can be set up with google nest. I have 3 pets and it get really hot. I don't want my ac running all day but I don't want my anim...

Mari0448 by Community Member
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Google nest mini uncoloured display

My nest mini is showing uncoloured display. What would be the possible reason and ho can i fix this?highly appreciate your response.

Amarjeet by Community Member
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