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Entry key

Community Member

I’ve had the nest for over a year with no problem. I recently got a new phone and had to download the nest app. To connect the nest to my phone it’s looking for the “entry key”. I followed the prompts on the nest and the entry key does not show up . With out the key I can’t go further. Thanks for your help


Community Member

The entry key is on the display, Settings - App - Get Entry Key

I have the same problem but when I go to Settings - App - there is no choice for "Get Entry Key", all it says is "Already connected.  The only choice is "Done".

Your thermostat is connected to the previous owners account by the sounds of things. I assume you have a used thermostat, not a new one?

Best thing for you to do, is factory reset to remove the previous owner. You will then have a clean account ready to set up your details.