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HOME mini UNRESPONSIVE thread - "Google home mini 4 dots stuck problem"

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Hi guys, here´s thread for anyone who´s experiencing "Google home mini 4 dots stuck problem". Possible news from Google, solutions or fix to be written here. Seems this issue affected lot of devices, let´s see what can be done about it and what will be Google´s reaction to this situation.


Moderator edit: Subject updated for clarity and findability

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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing details in the comments here and for submitting feedback reports to our team.

We’ve identified the cause of this issue and have stopped the software rollout.

If you’ve been impacted by this issue, we want to make things right: Please reach out to Google Nest support at for assistance.

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this— we're here to help if you have any other questions.

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Sadly it appears this is, at least for now, only available in the US. Replacements have been authorized and I've got the steps that I went through to request AND BE APPROVED FOR IT.

I got my replacement options last night after my last time chatting with Google early in the morning on the 23rd. Either I can return mine and then they send a replacement or I buy a new one (through an individualized link) and they just put a hold on the card which they will release once the return is received. I had to go through some steps with the chat rep Ana (she was great and very patient) including trying the 10x reboot thing and then also sending a quick video of it locking up.

Here's how I got to this point:

  1. I went to the contact link that @KiiFromGoogle listed and clicked on the Google Home category and said something about my device being bricked in the text field.
    1. As someone that has worked chat support for other companies before I will say this up front, be courteous, stick to the facts, and overall be genuinely thankful for their assistance. You'll get so much further with being a polite person.
  2. In talking with the rep and confirming that the device was purchased in the United States (I believe I've seen reports that some countries didn't get replacements last time there was a bricking event like this so your results may vary if you're in another country), we started trying some debugging to ensure that it was in fact bricked. Those steps included:
    1. Rebooting the device 10 times through powering it off, waiting 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. We then waited for it to get to the 4 solid white lights before unplugging and doing it all over again. It never got to the "Welcome to Google Home" or whatever it was supposed to say.
    2. We then tried to hold the reset button for 5 seconds (which makes it go into reset mode) and then an additional 10 seconds (which confirms the desire to reset?). This just ended up with 2 white lights for me until I powered it off again and then back on which is when I got back to the 4 white lights.
    3. The last thing that Ana had me do was take a 45 second video showing off the device being plugged in and then it freezing at 4 white LEDs. This was the most annoying part of the process because my phone can't get low enough resolution to get 45 seconds of video and be under the 25mb file transfer limit offered by Gmail. Additionally the file upload included in the chat doesn't receive video files so I had to use email. I tried to offer her a Google Drive link but in the end she just asked that I send as long of a video as I could which ended up being about 15 seconds.
  3. After she had enough evidence, she sent it off to her supervisors to get approval. A supervisor wasn't available so I had to wait 24-48 hours for a response.
  4. 42 hours later I received an email asking for mailing and contact information. This included my name, mailing address (with country) and phone number.
  5. Just an hour later I received my confirmation that I was eligible for a replacement device. I replied with my preference for the Standard Exchange option and am waiting on further instructions. (I'll post that email below)

This is where I am currently in the process but figured it was good enough to post some good news as Google has confirmed that I will be getting a replacement unit for my out of warranty device!

This is the email that I received detailing my replacement options:

Hello Giles,

Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Customer Care Team.

Congratulations! You are eligible for a replacement.

We have 2 option of the process:

  1. Standard Exchange replacements don't require an authorization hold, and a replacement device isn't sent to the customer until Google’s warehouse receives the defective device. Customers are advised to return their product within 14 days according to the RMA instructions; however, in total, the customer will have 45 days from RMA creation to return the defective unit using the shipping labels. The RMA will be canceled if the labels are not exercised or used after 45 days. If the product is returned after this then it is returned to the customer and they are advised to contact support for a new RMA.
  2. Advanced Exchange allows the customer to check out their replacement device from the Google Store via an Advanced Exchange replacement cart link (RCL) sent to their email before they return their original device. The RCL is valid for 90 days and the customer may complete the checkout process anytime within that period.

    Once they complete the checkout process, we put an authorization hold on their credit card for the full Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of the replacement device. Once the authorization hold is approved, a replacement device is shipped to the customer in 2-7 business days.

Please let us know and reply to this email on which option you prefer.

For reference your case number is [my case number]. If you need more help, you can contact us again and reference this case number or reply to this email to reopen your case.

Have a new question? There are lots of ways to get back in touch with us below.

Thank you,


^ Look at Ana being awesome. @KiiFromGoogle please, if you're able to, pass along my well wishes to Ana's leadership team. She was top notch, knew her stuff, and was great through the whole process.

12/27 edit is below. Also updated step 1 from the list to give clearer instructions on how to get to the right chat.

I got my return instructions. Essentially I box it up and take a QR code to FedEx and they will print the shipping label. The box needs to include both the Google Home Mini and the power cable. They also provide the link for how I can track the shipment as it heads off to Google for receipt and then 1-2 days after they receive it they should have a new one sent out to me.

Final update (1/3/2024): So Google made a mistake and accidentally sent me the full sized Nest Audio as a replacement instead of the Nest Mini that I was expecting. 🤯 I hope that others are able to get as lucky and that those out of the US are given better options for resolving their issues.

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Yeah, I'm a bit concerned now as I have 4 other speakers, a mix of home mini and nest mini - are they now in the firing line?! 

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Google support assured me that it is just a matter of "a small amount of devices"  and I shouldn't worry about my other Minis that are working ok so far... Also mentioned their "engineers are working on a fix that will be available soon". Didn't mention my device is out of warranty... We'll see...

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Same problem here, only the Google mini. Nest mini's no problems so far (Netherlands)

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Same Problem, bought my mini 1 gen in june 2019 in the US and it was working fine until last Wednesday 07/12 here in Brazil, tried everything but nothing solved

I have the same problem. End of november 2023 it was working fine. The problem starts somewhere in December. I hope to receive a cure to this problem. Thanks

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hi everyone, thanks for reporting this in the community. We are currently investigating this issue. 

If you're observing similar behavior on your speaker, follow these steps to file a feedback report with our team. Please make sure that "Send device usage data and crash reports to Google" is turned on before you submit the report. 

We'd also appreciate if you shared the following in info in the comments so that we can pass it onto our team: 

  • Are lights solid or strobing?
  • Are lights stuck on before a reboot is completed? Or do they turn on after boot and stay on?
  • Can you cast music to the speaker from a mobile app?
  • Videos or photos of the behavior are also appreciated!

Please keep an eye on this thread for future updates. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Hi, 4 solid lights - from power on the middle 2 then all 4.

If you try and use reset button, the first light goes green, but the rest stay solid white - on releasing the reset button, the first light goes back to white.

Shows as unavailable on Google Home app.

Doing the power on/off 10 times at 10 second intervals does not help.

I don't have permissions apparently to upload images, so please let me know how I can provide images of the 4 solid lights, and one green and 3 white lights when reset button pressed. I have provided these already in a support chat earlier today.

Many thanks

I confirm. it's the same for me

I confirm. it's also the same for me

Same behaviour on google home (not mini). The only different thing is that the lights never change color. Always white and just 4.

I confirm. Same behaviour for me. 

Exactly the same in my case

The same behavior with my Google Home Mini.

Everything is the same for me.

the same (Italy)

Same symptoms here.

I also confirm, same problem here.

Exactly the same behavior

I am experiencing the exact same situation.

Here is a video with the bricked Google Home mini:

Exact same issues as Voidstate for my mini. Purchased in 2018. I don't really want to purchase a new one, but if that is the only fix. 

  • Solid lights
  • Stuck on after boot and stay on, reboot doesn't resolve
  • Can't cast music because it's not available over wifi or in home app.
  • Here is a video - CLICK HERE

I hope that helps and hopefully, we get a fix or at least a discount on a new one!!! 

Thank you!

+1 same issue here. Exact same

Yes, I have the same issue.

This is 100% what has been happening with mine. 

I confirm  same behaviuor for mine

Me paso lo mismo

I am experiencing the exact same behavior.

Exactly the same for me, here.

Exactly same issue for me

And if we open a so that Google responds, apparently we are sorry for those affected, or for someone in the USA who opens a complaint, because this appears to be a blatant form of programmed obselence.

Thanks for sharing an update. Looking forward to a fix!

I’m having similar issues and none of the listed steps have helped me! I still see green light while pressing the factory reset button and nothing happens after that. Please help. 

The new title is inaccurate. It's not just Home Mini's that are affected, the OP (and myself, and others) are having issues with the original standard Google Home smart device, i.e this thing:

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 23.11.05.png


As far as the issue goes, when you unplug and plug the power cable back in initially two white dots appear (the top most and bottom most on the circle of dots). After a couple of seconds this changes to show 4 dots in an + shape which are either white or ever so slightly shaded orange / red. The lights are solid, and I cannot cast anything to the device or access it through the Google Home app (I removed the device from my app to see if that would do anything and now there's no way to re-add it so I can't show any examples of that now).

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And here's a video of what happens when you turn the power on -

Even if you do this 10 times over it still behaves in the same way and doesn't factory reset the device.

On Google home 1st gen (not mini).

- Four static white lights, orange led in the back.
- First two white lights ( : ) then the other two (the same but horizontal) and they stay like that. On unplug and replug they repeat the behaviour.
- Can't cast, mute, factory reset. 100% Unresponsive.

Same issue. I have tried unplugging for 10 seconds and then waiting for 2, then 4 dots before trying again 1-10 for a total of 11 times. I even did 15 times for good measure. Still have 4 dots unresponsive, cannot reset: green led does nothing.

My google home mini also no longer respond last Saturday, 4 white solid dot light. If I unplug, then replug the device, it starts with 2 white solid light in the middle, then stuck on 4 white solid light. It stays on, but it looks like it stuck at boot loop. Nothing is working, the device is not responding at all, nor can it connect to wifi. Tried to do factory reset, and restarting 10 times to no avail.

Same issue with my Google Home (1st gen) only 4 white lights show (tried restarting etc, nothing to get past this). Seems device is bricked as of Friday 8th Dec.


I'm unable to file a feedback report because in my attempts to sort the issue I "removed" the speaker from the home app so I can't see it there at all now.

The device is plugged in, and what happens when I plug it in is two faint white dots appear (the two middle ones), and then after a few seconds the other two appear. They just stay on constantly, but they are quite faint. My Google Home app doesn't see the speaker any more because I removed it in an attempt to do a factory rest.

Here is a picture: