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Bluetooth speaker shared with nest hub

Hello.I have a Bluetooth speaker (UE boom 3) that i want to share between my tv and my Google nest hub 2. I connected it to my nest hub. Everything works fine. Then I want to watch something on tv and connect it to the same speaker...But if I want to...

Lth48 by Community Member
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Setting a wake up alarm schedule

I am a shift worker who wakes up early, but at different times each day. E.g; Mon 0345, Tue 0445, Wed 0600, Thu 0345, Fri 0415. Is there a way to set a variable alarm schedule and wake to the radio without having to reset it every day?

Tiger660 by Community Member
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Can no longer cast audio to speaker group

I always had used cast my audio to cast my music stored on my phone to a speaker group. This no longer works. It only wants to allow Spotify and apps like that. How can i get it to cast my audio again?Or does this have to do with the Sonos crap and n...

My3556 by Community Member
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How to cast TO Nest Hub

Trying to use cast to play YouTube videos from i phone to nest hub but hub is not showing up in list of available speakers. Yes it’s connected to wifi

Why does my camera always go offline randomly

My google hub max will always go offline randomly and I have to go into the app and turn the camera back online. It’s very annoying and I’ve tried everything to fix it. It’s always when something happens in my house and i want to go back and look at ...

Kahina by Community Member
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Google assistant

Hi everyone,I was just wondering with regards to the mini and Google assistant, if it's possible to have it give a tune after every time you call on it so you know it heard youou and is starting to listen.I recall on the generation 1 pixel, there wou...

jwong by Community Member
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