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Repeating Everything

Why does Google Home have to repeat every command given to it? I should think that if you're giving a command for something in the same room that would be obvious if the command was executed or not. If I'm in a dark room and say "Hey, Google, turn on...

TE5LA by Community Member
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Home Hub Max stuck on swirling circles

Over the past couple of weeks my Google Home Hub Max has repeatedly shut down and rebooted. A little while ago it rebooted and got stuck on the four colored circles spinning and hasn’t stopped.

Google Home will not change hub display settings

Recently had some wifi changes at home. This ended up making me reset both google hubs in the house to get them to connect again. Since then, seemingly, I have no longer been able to reset display settings from Google Home. For example, I set Minimum...

MWETulsa by Community Member
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Google max or pixel request

When my Pixel phone is in the same room as my Google Max and I'll give it a request like setting an alarm - both respond. In most cases I want Max to respond. When I ask Google to call someone Max responds faster than my phone. I want my phone to res...

Nealji by Community Member
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