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Google home app? why is this consistently so bad?

omg, when is google going to fix the Google Home App, it is such a pain to use. it might be the worst app i've used in a long time. it is so counterintuitive. I'm about to dump all my google products and figure out another solution just because of th...

Net camera disconnects since conversion to Google Home

Yesterday I migrated one Nest camera to Google Home, prior to doing this the camera worked flawlessly and not once did it drop the connection. Now under Google Home it takes a long time to connect and then within a few minutes disconnects and then wi...

"Login through Google Home App".... how???

I have had 2 Home Mini's and 5 nests for the last 12 months without a single issue. They were straightforward to set up and have been fantastic ever since. I came home today to find they ALL require me to 'Login through the Google Home App". Why has ...

Kym3 by Community Member
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Philips Hue account won’t link again

Hello!I have been having this issue for months and nothing I’ve tried has fixed it. My Philips Hue lights suddenly stopped working through Google Home. I thought maybe I would try to unlink / relink my account and maybe that would help. But now I hav...

unrecognized fee from Google Nest

I just had an unrecognized fee on my credit card for Google Nest. 2/28/23 $63.96 I let my subscription expire for the extra coverage from the initial installation. I'm satisfied with the basic free service.

New phone, not getting motion notifcations now

Just got a new iPhone, got everything set up (presence aware working great!) and previously (on old phone) I was getting notifications when there was motion. (Dogs at home) I've gone through about every tutorial and for some reason I'm not getting an...

Linking Nest thermostat to Nest App

Hello, I can’t access my Nest thermostat on my Nest App any longer and not sure what changed. I don’t believe I ever migrated my nest account to Google and was trying to do that but when I attempt to log in through Nest I get a wrong password message...

CD03 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Setting Home and Away routines

Hi everyone, While setting Home and Away routines which should be triggered automatically upon my arrival home I am limited only to choose lights (on / off), while every other voice triggered routine has all devices and actions. I'd like to nest star...

a55k1ck3r by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Can’t enter my nest account as I changed my phone number

I changed my phone number and could not reconfigure data of my new phone on the previous phone. Is there any other method for me to change the phone number registered so I can get access back to my cameras? I had not migrated to google yet so everyth...

No fan speed

Before the update of the UI the fan speed shows with my Mi Fan Pro however now, i noticed that it was gone. I can only see on and off. The icon shows that it is a fan. Is there a way to fix it?posted this topic before but there is no resolution as of...

SethLevi by Community Member
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