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Matter is now available for Google Home across Nest and Android devices Read more

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Guest mode set up and what they can and cannot do?

I want to set up a guest login which is easy. But I do not want them to have access to any devices and or be able to change anything, just access to internet and I would like to be able to turn off Adult sites and have time settings or pauses. I see ...

smoky5 by Community Member
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Home App Doesn't Display Any Camera Events "Quiet day at home"

After updating to the latest version of Google Home App, 2.53.103, I no longer see Events from any of my Google Nest Cams. A red dot will show that an event occurred but when I select Events. It only reads "Quiet day at home" "No updates for you at t...

bcwat4 by Community Member
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nest E error TD023 nest app icon with arrow

I am trying to re-install a Nest Thermostat E for after the device has been off for some time and the device does not connect to the Nest app nor can I get into its settings. It shows the home screen for a while while blinking green then it makes on ...

francesc by Community Member
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Google home cannot authenticate Paradigm MRX 1140

I'm trying to access my new stereo receiver with Google Home. I see my television and can connect. I see the receiver, but it asks if I want to set it up then it says it cannot authenticate. The receiver actually powers on and switches to streaming m...

DieselPro by Community Member
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Google home - no humidity reading or fan control

Through the nest app I can see humidity and control the hvac fan. In the google home app there is no humidity reading, nor can I control the fan. However on the App Store I can see a screenshot in iOS showing humidity and fan control. What do I need ...

Scarce by Community Member
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Recording history ends at around 7PM in Full History

The new Home app doesn't display full history recordings when we go to History --> Full History. It always ends around 7-ish PM each day. We can view recordings past 7PM but need to open the last recording and scroll to the left manually. This happen...

TanTnT by Community Member
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Resolved! Can't link nest to google home app.

After migrating my nest account to google.. I can't see my nest protect from google home app. When I try setup a device and choose works with Google then choose nest, it only gives me user name and password option. No log in to nest account through g...

DrRATEB by Community Member
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