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Google home routines script

Hello all. I am trying to understand the Google mini and the home routines scripts.for example“hey Google play for example playlist on Spotify” works for an alarm routine.But to randomize the songs I cannot get it working.and I have to put this in as...

Dannyyeoh by Community Member
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App Camera Freezing

Please can someone let me know if there has been a solution to this issue? Seems a lot of people are experiencing but I cannot find an answer if resolved? Why are we paying for a service that isn’t usable? Please either let us know a solution or at l...

AndreaB by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Voice control

I have google home setup and have connected my lg air conditioner as a new device. I can see the a/c in the google home app and manually control it from there, but when I attempt to operate it using voice command, I am left with a message which says ...

MIXBM5 by Community Member
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I lost access to my google account

My phone was lost and whem I tryed to log in to my google account on my new phone it said it didnt reqanize me ID like access to my old google account because it was connected to my google drive and has priceless pictures and contacts that I need

Tj6 by Community Member
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Family Bell Tasks/Checklist not in app

So i just bought the Google Hub and downloaded the Home app.When i search for the family bell with checklist for my son it's not there.When i follow the right steps Profile Picture - Assistent settings - FamilyBell - i don't have the options for Good...

Sammy84 by Community Member
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Nest vs Google Home web app failure

I am linking to a previous post to highlight just how badly Google failed with its new "Google Home" serviceI was coaxed into buying a 2-pack of Nest battery indoor/outdoor cams in Feb 2022, and didn't get around to setting them up until now.In addit...