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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Google Home states that WiFi is offline but works fine

The topic below (which is now closed) describes my problem exactly. The router reports being offline, but everything appear to be working.I follow the suggest fix with the full power cycle, but nothing changes for me. The Nest Wifi Router is reported...

ymmij by Community Member
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Can't stop my housemate controlling my Spotify

Hi,I play music on my Home speaker via Spotify.My housemate has the Home app on her phone and a Chromecast TV.Whenever I play music it pops up on her Home notifications as if she was playing it. She can see and pause what I'm playing.I've set my sett...

LG Sn9yg not authenticating to device utility

I have a LG SN9YG soundbar I am trying to setup with my phone. Downloaded "LG soundbar" which says I have to setup with Google home first, google home advises have to activate device with device utility first. Once I finally get to device utility it ...

Lukeizm by Community Member
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nes tapp on ipad - verification not working

Tried everything.Working on iphone used to work on ipad.Now asks for login. Tried google login but it goes to 2 part security but fails to send anything to my iphone or ipad.Tried help but is way too technical and would take hours to go thru all the ...

Den51 by Community Member
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Home page icons

Android Home page app for tools & utilities is gone & cannot find for wireless/ hotspot icon.

lsbjrnet by Community Member
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Cannot link third app on my Google home app

I Am not able to link hismart life (hisense application) on my Google home app. When i login on my hisense account to get the authorization, i can't see any device working on my dashboard google home. Similar problem with LG thinQ app. In this case, ...

Marcaugel by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub cannot connect to my Lorex Cameras

  Hello, I have a Lorex Camera system as well as 2 Google Nest Hubs. It says the Lorex and Nest are compatible and everything goes right with setup in linking Lorex to Home app. However when I instruct my nest to show me driveway camera or front door...

DC76802E-ADDA-4137-BF78-47E877BC2846.png FD3FB677-B5D8-4661-9559-2AD8B31ABC1E.png
JoJoCw23 by Community Member
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Google home app

When I try to use my google home app to change the wife because I got new internet, it keeps saying unexpected response from server. What is wrong and how can I fix it?

gsloan by Community Member
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Broken link to sync Smart Life account to Google account

Hi everyone,I have been using my Smart Life outlets and Google Home together for at least four years now and have never had any issues. One day my Google Home was having trouble connecting to my outlets and I foolishly decided to unlink my Smart Life...

kmcm18 by Community Member
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