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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Google Home App TV icons / symbols

Hello,I have 2 TVs at home:1- Sony KD-49XD7005 (2016 model) chromecast built-in,2- Samsung 60KS8000 (2016 model) no chromecast built-inI bought 2 pieces Chromecast 3rd Gen and completed setups on both TVs.In my Google Home App, i have 2 type of icons...

1.jpeg 2.jpeg
KpttpK by Community Member
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Google home recovery

My phone had to be factory reset and I can't seem to even find google home app to put it back on, the only things close go to Spotify. I can't access my security cams, can anyone help? Please?

JynxPrice by Community Member
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Resetting Password

Trying to sign into the Nest App and says username or password is incorrect. I have tried to reset my password but I do not get the email to reset. I am NOT using a gmail account nor do I want to. I went back thru my emails and I reset it just fine 2...

puttingg by Community Member
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How to delete this account?

I was googling for information about Nest thermostats firmware 6.2-22 and clicked on a search result that after a few seconds was locked by a screen asking to type into a field. I wasn't even aware I was signing up for one more account in my life.How...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Nest app not showing thermostats in Google Home App

Trying to add a temp sensor. On the Google Home App it tells me to use the Nest App. The Nest App doesn't show the three thermostats that are on my Google Home App. I can't add the sensor without the thermostats on the app. I have tried to resync the...

PG1 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Can't link Spotify as music provider

Hi!I can't link Spotify as my music provider — I just don't see such option in the settings, however if I go to the Podcast section I see Spotify as an option and can successfully link it.   

Screenshot_20211104-011031.png Screenshot_20211104-011040.png
Const by Community Member
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