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Bali Window Shade Control

I have installed 3 Bali brand shades that connect to a generic ZWave hub. The shades operate properly with the Bail Android phone app and the Bali Remote control. The app has the function to add the shades to Google Home. When I add them they appear ...

JeffL by Community Member
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Home - "device disable" and "device offline"

Hi all, i need support about Home app.i have one device under "si smart" app, work properly, and via his app, all ok. Home can manage (via vocal command) device.But in Home app, device is marked as "disable" state, but device is on. So for example, t...

adda81 by Community Member
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Allow all Home members to ring Tile

I have the Tile integration working with Google Home. I can tell my devices "Ring Den Remote" and it works. However no one else in my family can. It tells them it doesn't recognize their voice whenever they try. I have everyone in the house setup und...

pharpe by Community Member
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How do I connect google home with myq?

I can’t figure out how to add MyQ app that controls my liftmaster garage door to Google Home. It would be great to speak commands through google home to open door, close door, and request the status of the door

Texasfed by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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nest cam notifications on google home hub

Hello,Is it possible to show the Nest cam notifications on the google hub displays? Automation case:I have a baby sleeping in it's room. I've setup a google cam in that room. If the baby makes a sound i want a loud notification on my google hub scree...

Nescator by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Unable to add IR receiver to rountine

Hi, Ive bought a prolink IR controller for my aircon. Using mEzee app, I manage to link it up with Google Home. However when I tried to add it to my "Good morning" routine, I am unable to select the IR controller so that I can switch on/off my aircon...

leslienwl by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Time/Day Triggered Routines Not Working

I have a GE Cync Outlet that is connected to my ceiling fan in my garage. I can manually power on /off the outlet via the Cync App and in Google Home app, however but it wont follow my schedule as set in the Google Home App.Wifi signal is great (5 Ub...

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