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Thermostat Adjustment

Since the google home app update, the style has changed the thermostat settings to left handed.Ill explain.The scale on display is the same, but previously setting a temperature of 24C the slider was on the right of the 02.00 position, now its at the...

kingjohn by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max loses connection philips hue

Hi all,Recently we bought and installed several Hue lights in combination with the Nest Hub Max to operate the lights. During our research we've read that Hue lights could be connected directly to the google home/assistant without the Hue Bridge. So ...


HiI have been having ongoing issues with Home & Away Assist. When I'm home (all day) it goes cold & when I check thermostat (on phone) it says Away. When I'm not at home & get back, the heating has obviously been on & £'s have mounted up on my smart ...

Den13 by Community Member
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Google Home does not understant commands

My iRobot App is linked with Google Home Assitant. I can voice command my iRobot Roomba from my iPad Google Home App but not with Google Home device. The Google Home tell me that it does not understand my command. Plese help.

Fullsun by Community Member
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Assistant loops when asked to arm Simplisafe to Hme

Over the last week or so I have lost the ability to arm my SimpliSafe system using voice commands to my Nest Hub. For any of my nest hubs, I have 3, all on the same network, 2 are v1 and 1 is v2. Normally "I would say, Set Simplisafe to Home" and the...

Gmg by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Timed routines

Can someone help me understand how timed routines work? I have several voice command routi es that seem to work fi e. I now want to add a timed routine but it appears to be a rule that you can only save a routine which has a voice command. I'm confus...

Broadcast a message

How can I make a device input to broadcast a message 

Dhome by Community Member
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How to get Meross smartplug to choose 2.4hz over 5hz?

I'm trying to setup my outdoor Meross plug and it ask me in the setup procedure to add to 2.4hz, but I have no idea how to choose between the two, it's easy on my router, there is typically two different logins, how do I set that up for Google wifi?

MisterHaug by Community Member
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“Turn off lights” no longer turns off lights.

Approximately 4 days ago, my lighting automation has stopped behaving correctly. Here’s my example:I usually say “Turn off the bedroom lights” and the google home hears me and correctly turns off 7 lights and responds with the same-room “ding” sound ...

Phae by Community Member
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