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Still having problem with Google Wifi slow speed until speed test

Hi,My thread closed, but I am still having the problem described there. I filled out a help form when the troubleshooting steps did not help....

radiorpl by Community Member
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Can't Hardwire Nest WiFi AC2200

@olavrbFollowing up from here. I set up a new Nest Wifi AC2200 as a point to an existing network inside of our house using the app, then unplugged it and connected it out of WiFi range (way out in the garage) via Ethernet cable. I know the cable work...


Google Nest Mesh Wireless Router- Lexmark wifi not connecting

Hello ,I have recently bought Google Nest Mesh Wireless Router and successfully setup. It is connecting to all home device like laptop, mobile phone. i have tried to connect with Lexmark color laser printer MC3326 but not able to connect to the print...

RD2189 by Community Member
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Google Nest Mesh wifi keeps dropping

My ISP is Spectrum and I have their modem with a Google Nest Wifi router and 4 points. The modem signal is strong and stable but the Nest wifi keeps dropping multiple times per day. I've factory reset the Nest wifi router and points 3 times over the ...

FKref by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Pro Points Going Offline

About 4 months ago i upgraded my mesh system to the Google Nest Wifi Pro. This consisted of four Google Nest Wifi Pro points and one google nest wifi pro router. Over the last week at least one or multiple nest wifi pro points will go offline. When t...

Kagreer by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Unnamed and duplicate devices

I see so many old, locked threads about this topic, and they all say the same thing... "Devices should drop off in 30 days...". The problem is they don't. Not only that, but you can have multiple duplicates and they never drop. Unnamed devices all ov...

Pshepard by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Google mesh wifi extremely slow to fast connection?

Hi ladies and gentsi have this really wried issue with the google mesh wifi ac-1200 setup where i have my boardband virgin media setup to modem mode connected to first wifi mesh which is NAT mode this one is in my network cupboard this has a cat6 cab...

mehmek by Community Member
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