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Unresponsive customer service - 2 weeks and still unresolved

case number is 4-185900003374803/30: Nest Mesh WiFi suddenly stopped working less than a year after purchase. Checked all the steps to get it going again - nothing. Contacted support through Chat. They had me unplug, plug back in, restart the modem, ...

WRNKL by Community Member
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Now / Sky Broadband and Google Wifi

Hi,Just moved away from Vodafone and plugged in my Now Broadband 2 Router. Connected and Wi-Fi etc. However the Google Wi-Fi will not connect. I have turned off the WIFI on the Now Router. and tried a factory reset on the Google Wi-Fi (not Nest) and ...

JMSuch by Community Member
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Microsoft teams - video and screenshare not working

Hi - I have a Nest wifi router (with 2 wifi points) and my video or share screen does not work in Microsoft Teams. I can see the video clearly, but others can't and they cannot see the content when I share my screen.It works perfectly when I tether f...

asebalj by Community Member
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2.4 Htz network

How to have stable 2.4 htz network which is needed to connect to my home automation switch boards

Schedules on Family WiFi keep disabling

My family wifi schedule keeps disabling itself. Sometimes it's after a couple hours or less. I've deleted the family group and schedule and recreated them and still the same behavior. On top of that my family group will drop some devices or switch to...

Gqb by Community Member
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