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Google Wi-Fi point with solid blue light and not detected in Home App

Hi there,Apologies if my problem has already been addressed in the forum! I have the old Google Wi-Fi setup with 3 Google points - 1 point successfully set up and used as a Router and then 2 points as Wi-Fi extenders. My problem is that one of the Go...

Resolved! google wifi pulsing blue GJ2CQ

HiI have the same issue many people are having with Google Wifi, I also read many threads trying to find a solution for my issue but no answer, I have 2 GJ2CQ, one was able to connect without any issues and is up and running, when I tried to connect ...

working.JPG gg2.JPG ggw.JPG googleW.JPG
Sam530 by Community Member
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Add Google Wifi to my current Nest network

I have had Google wifi for some time now using a Nest (model H2D). I have the main router and one access point. I still do not get good service throughout my house so I purchased a 3 pack of Google Wifi. I read multiple articles that said the 2 were ...

Kristyn by Community Member
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Google Wi-Fi will not connect to wifi

Lightning struck and knocked out my modem as well as the google Wi-Fi point used as the router. I have deleted the old Wi-Fi and even the home and made a new one. I have factory reset all of the points. None will connect to the Wi-Fi to finish setup....

Klesko12 by Community Member
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Need setup key

Sticker was damaged on one of my wifi points and didn’t realize this when factory resetting so I don’t have a setup key tried connecting to Ethernet and navigating to but no key comes up. Only an ssid

Iphones wont connect to WIfi

Hey all, Just switched to a fiberwire provider and my Iphones won't connect to the Wifi. They will connect to the network but once I open safari it times out. Apps seem to work but nothing for any browsers? I have reset the modem, router, and network...

Ezfive14 by Community Member
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dropping mesh points and wired backhaul Nest WIFI Pro

I have 5 Nest WIFI Pro units, 3 in the main house and one in each of two outbuildings. The unit connected to the modem is also connected to a switch. The two outbuildings are connected by ethernet from the switch. The switch is TP-Link TL-SG116, whic...

PByron by Community Member
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Signal unstable

Hi,I am having problems with signal dropping, Particularly in the evening (from 30Mbs to 1-2Mbs). Have been measuring download speeds directly from the supplier router as Google Mesh seems to be working OK. Have contasted their support desk, but ever...

2.4 GHz Devices Lose Connectivity Frequently

My laptop, cell phone, google home minis and hardwired items remain connected consistently, but my 2.4 GHz items do not. Primarily my Abode Iota alarm system and smart light bulbs struggle. When this happens I must restart my network for them to reco...