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Google Home app says device offline but is...cannot pause

Hello,This is quite madening and I am hoping someone can help me. My daughter has a Kindle Fire 10 which I set up as a group on the home app. I set a scheduled time for her internet to pause and that worked for a day or two. Now the device ONLY shows...

Ctucker33 by Community Member
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Lock solar inverter to 2.4ghz on nest

Hi, I have a Goodwe solar panel inverter that will only operate on a 2.4ghz connection with my google nest router. Is there a way to stop it from jumping into the 5ghz connection as my inverter keeps going offline? Thanks for any help

Nest security - Password and booting users from the network

Hi All,I have a strange thing happening on my network, and can't seem to find a solution. An iphone 6s has (somehow) gained access to my network and is downloading and uploading constantly. I couldn't figure out how to kick it from the network itself...

Tomlykomg by Community Member
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Error while trying to set up guest network

I am trying to set up a guest network on Google Home, but I continue to get an error message. I can't find anything on line about this problem.

jenide by Community Member
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nest wi-fi error w5, telephone number disabled

The cheeky google nest team has disabled the 855 469 6378, this is very frustrating. No phone number to call or a chat, how do we ask for a replacement nest?

SivaL by Community Member
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Wireless backhaul

For years now I’ve dabbled with getting the wireless backhaul working on my google WiFi… and it’s finally solved thanks to a post here… Why is the spanning...

Zanthor by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi and Pulse VPN

I'm getting the run around between my employer and my ISP regarding my network performance while on VPN. In a nutshell, I'm losing 98% on my bandwidth when I enable VPN. While on VPN i average between 2-7 Mbps. Almost unusable. When I kill the VPN, I...

Woidyla by Community Member
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2 google mesh routers one isnt connecting to the other.

So i have had my 1 google nest router when i first moved in, now 3 months later im tired of my living room having poor connection. so i went and bought a second wi-fi router from best buy (the $100 one AC1200 to be exact).Im not understanding why its...

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