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Update on Assistant experience on Nest Speakers & Displays Read more

Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Resolved! Having trouble with Speaker groups? Read this first

Hi everyone, Thank you for continuing to notify us of the reliability issues you’re facing with your Speaker groups. I escalated these issues internally and the team is actively investigating a resolution. If you’re able, all feedback is appreciated!...

Resolved! Wrong Google mini responding

How do i stop the mini in one bedroom from responding when i tell the one in my bedroom to do something ??? I am in my bedroom and say "hey google play spotify" it lights up but then the mini in my office down the hall plays Spotify !!! so frustrated

Mrjones by Community Member
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Paired Smart Speakers Won't Play Music

FYI...occasionally, my paired Google smart speakers won't play music, though it confirms my command to play. I have to disconnect/reconnect both speakers to the internet and then the speakers will respond to my request to play music. This only happen...

twittel by Community Member
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Trouble with music pausing

I just got a google display that I have in the same combined kitchen living room as a google speaker and a chromecast audio. Now intermittently music pauses and when restarted pauses again after a short while, playing on a group consisting of all thr...

Resolved! Some features stopped working on google nest hub

About a month ago, our google home display stopped broadcasting. I used to use it to broadcast to the home mini speakers in other rooms of the house. One morning I said, "Hey Google, broadcast" and instead of replying with "What's the message" it rep...

Sascox by Community Member
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Separate volumes.

This has been touched on before. See pasted thread below. Separate volume controls for alarms and timers would be helpful. They are linked currently. My speakers wake me on about 20% volume, that's fine. However when I then set an egg timer 20% is to...

Happyuser by Community Member
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YouTube on Nest Hub

Got a new Nest Hub a few days and watched YouTube almost every day on the display. Last night all of a sudden selecting YouTube on Nest Hub launches YouTube on my Android Sony TV. No changes were made on either device. I see no way of reversing this ...

Resolved! Nest Hub 2nd Gen -Gentle Wake Up not working

I recently set up a Nest Hub 2nd Gen to replace a 1st gen Lenovo smart clock. I was using Gentle Wake Up with a Wyze smart bulb (in the same room) without issue with the Lenovo smart clock, but with the new Nest Hub it doesn't seem to work anymore. I...

lzb by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen - UI slowness

Hello,I just bought a Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen and already experiencing some very annoying slowness in the UI (the fps is very low) and it impacts the interaction with the device. The cast firmware version is 1.56.276689 although on the google support...

Can't connect to internet

I have a Nest Home Hub Max 9B01. This has worked well for the last year or so, however, this weekend, my router decided to commit suicide and I have had to change it. I have tried connecting the Hub to the new router (including adding new password) v...

liteman by Community Member
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Google Speakers I Once Loved are almost Useless Now

I'm not sure what happened a few months ago but I have a number of Google smart speakers that use to work great and now they're useless. I'm guessing a firmware update is the issue but who knows.When they were working correctly the nearest speaker wo...

tjvance by Community Member
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