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Save Position in Podcast at "Sleep" Timer Expiration?

I use my Google speakers and Display hub to play podcasts. I also use "stop playing in XX minutes" to simulate a sleep timer. My biggest problem with it, is that the position in the podcast is not saved when the timer goes off. This means to continue...

kmand by Community Member
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Edit "play the news" sources on Routines in Canada

Why can't "play the news" be added to Routines anymore in Canada? The option is greyed out and not changeable, yet was available when I purchased my Google Home speakers. This Google help link just says only available in US, with no reason. https://s...

Weekday Alarms

I have a week day alarm and somedays I wake up early but don't want the alarm to go off after I am up and around the house. If I ask Google to cancel the alarm, it cancels the whole weekday alarm and it will now not be set for tomorrow morning. How c...

jakeinbc by Community Member
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Google home hub and thermostat

HiI need help.I have a google home hub which worked perfectly in my previous property.I have moved and since tried to connect to wifi and the message keeps stating password incorrect.The only difference between the 2 property is that the new property...

KJC180781 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Google Nest Audio and Mini Music Skips

As of the past 2-3 months when I ask Google to play music or a specific album the songs seems to skip or cut outs then begins playing a minute or so later. Unfortunately this is happening with my Google Mini devices as well and only happens when I pl...

Resolved! nest connection

Existing nest - I changed my router password and now my nest willl not connect. How do I change the password in the nest ? (NO PHONE) so I have to use my pc.

sycorax by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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