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Nest Gen 2 Multiple Speaker Placement

Hello,I have set a single Nest Gen 2 speaker up in my mothers apartment so that she can easily make phone calls.The setup went well and the Nest speaker functions pretty well. I would like to install two additional Nest Gen 2 speakers in her room so ...

Diogenes by Community Member
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Google devices not responding first time

For over. Week now all my google devices have stopped responding immediately to requests. I have a display device, one via Sonos beam and the mini. All have the same issue , I give the command it takes around 30 seconds and either says there is a gli...

Audreyc by Community Member
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Black line overlay on Nest Hub

Hi. I know this has probably been asked before but I’ve tried rebooting, factory reset in recovery mode but nothing has fixed it. my google nest hub has fine black lines all over the screen and the screen quality is awful. It hasn’t been damaged, dro...

Danj28 by Community Member
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new language

Hello, will another language be added? I live in Turkey. I don't know English. Some people say that when I repeat the same language, even if it does not support the language, they say that they understand and respond. I would be happy if you explain ...

Myhotmail by Community Member
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