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Can Routines be confined to a specific Room?

Just starting out, so excuse the question if the answer is obvious.I have 2 Hubs and 2 Smart switches... Living Room (incl. Switch A) & Master Bedroom (incl. Switch B).The Smart Switches in each room, are currently used to control lamps.I have had to...

Wags55 by Community Member
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Please log in trough your google home app

Hi,I moved to a new apartment a few months ago and since then my nest mini has not been working. The notorious "Please sign in through the google home app" issue.Details:2 pcs of google mini of the first generation - they work flawlessly1pc nest mini...

SampusCZE by Community Member
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Google home mini won’t Bluetooth pair

My home mini was previously connected via Bluetooth to my audio-technica AT-LP60XBT turntable, but I was experiencing some audio stuttering, so as part of troubleshooting, I deleted it from the list of paired Bluetooth devices with the intention to i...

Cannot Factory Reset Nest Audio Speaker

A while back I needed to factory reset my Nest Audio Speaker. I followed all the steps to the letter but now it will not reset. It simply hangs there with the front light displays moving from left to right as if its searching for wifi etc and then si...

davep123 by Community Member
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Four Nest Audio in one room

Hi,I'm going to have 4 nest audio in my room.I already know how to make 2 speakers as one stereo, but how to do with 4?Assuming devices numbered from 1 to 4, can I have:Config A:stereo(1 and 2), stereo(3 and 4)Config B:group(stereo(1 and 2) and stere...

Vinz486 by Community Member
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Daily Music Routine Not Running Some Days

Have set up a routine to play music every day of the week and notice that routine fails to fire at least 2 days a week. Have done a factory reset of the Home speaker in question twice. Have set up Home speaker twice and removed/recreated the routine ...

Champ by Community Member
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