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To Bright and grainy

Display on nest is too bright. Not color or clear images. Where and how do I change settings for cleared display.

Shirley10 by Community Member
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Google Photos not appearing on my Nest Hub Photo Frame

I bought my google nest hub yesterday and wish to have my photos display on screen in ambient mode via Photo Frame. I have downloaded google photos and ensured the same account is used across all of the apps (Google Home, Registered on my Google Nest...

Google nest mini no lights (no power)

Good afternoon all, not sure if I have set this up correctly. after a couple of months of not using my google nest mini (2nd Gen) today I switched on again. everything was fine for about 1 min then everything went off, sound, lights the when ...

Google nest won't play on default speaker

Whenever I ask the hub to play music, it will only play on the nest speaker despite the default speaker being another speaker. I've tired reboot/ software update/ removing and reinstalling. Any ideas?

NIELFJ by Community Member
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Nest hub 2 not showing doorbell

I have installed the Nest Doorbell (battery) and I also have a nest hub 2. But when someone is pressing the doorbell the nest hub only shows a screen with an error: camera feed is not available. How is this possible?

Frankm by Community Member
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Nest Hub 2 playing videos not songs

Hi do I default my Nest hub 2 to play songs rather videos as it seems to play both randomly. I only want it to play the music and not videos when I ask it to play songs from YouTube music. Is there a setting I am missing,

Paullubs by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! White noise - google home won’t stop playing it!

my google home device dutifully starts playing relaxing sounds for 12 hours which is fab for my newborn going to sleep.Unfortunately, when I ask it to stop it tells me ‘nothing is playing right now’ and I have to unplug the device and reboot it to ma...

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