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Nest hub - white screen only

Have a nest hub. Couple of months ago, had an issue where it was locking up all the time. Contacted Google, and they said it was a known problem, with developers working on it. Outcome was that for about 4-6 weeks the hub was unusable, but eventually...

hornetster by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Google Home never plays the right version of a song

If I ask Google to play a song it ALWAYS plays remixes or live versions. Even if I ask for the original version I still get something weird. It has gotten worse more recently too. I know I can cast but that defeats the object of Google Home. I know I...

RichardA by Community Member
  • 70 replies
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Nest hub sensing is missing from hub

The sensing feature is not working for me, it is not shown in the settings of my device device is located in California, it does show it in my google home app on the android phone ...

Aux input with speaker group is not working

When I had set up my google home max with my record player I was very impressed with the way it worked. Since I have to maxes paired as a group the records started playing on both in stereo even though I connected my preamp to one of the speakers onl...

Kuksi63 by Community Member
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Cant able to play a song

HEY IF YOU HAVE ANY SMART SPEAKER NEAR YOU ASK PLAYING any of these by voice :black by Bart Bonteyellow by Bart Bonte blue by Bart BonteI tried so many times on SpotifySpoiler (Highlight to read)it won't play !!!it won't play !!!

luckyhere by Community Member
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Hi. I recently bought both a Google Nest Audio and Nest Mini. I cannot for the life of me get Google to play MY playlists via voice control. I am subscribed to YouTube music which I imagine would be the best pairing for a Google product. If, for exam...

Google home mini

I was using YouTube music but I wan to switch to Amazon music because it's less expensive. How do I do that?