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Nest hub does not show any rooms

Hi, I have lots of rooms and lights and more. But in my homescreen on nest hub it only shows one room "ROOM" and when I press it I just get a white screen. However if I talk to the nest hub it can detect all the lights and rooms. I just doesn't show ...

andypandy by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Google Assistant voice too loud

Google Assistant voice is too loud, especially when playing music at a lower volume and asking assistant something that invokes a verbal reply.E.g. playing YouTube Music at 5% volume at bedtime and asking assistant to "thumbs up" the current song or ...

NoOneHome by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Hub drops radio stations

Google hub constantly drops iHeart radio stations or does not play at all, the minis in the house work fine

Bgh by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest audio and my shopping list

Suddenly my shopping list is not linking with the Nest audio. I can add items to the list but I can't find them anywhere on my phone. I have reinstalled the home app and have reset the Speaker. I have verified that the speaker is linked to the correc...

tag50 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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WhatsApp on Google hub max

Hello Google hub max product team, WhatsApp needs to be supported on this device. Duo or Google meet are just not enough. Will have to move to the Facebook portal as the only solution. Any alternatives or is it in the roadmap?

White noise stops playing

Hi, I play White noise for my baby to sleep to, and the Google nest has started cutting the sound on its own, after around one hour when I gave it instructions to play for 12 hours. Any idea why this could be? It used to stay playing until I stopped ...