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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Making sense on users and devices in my home

Hi, Recently I have invested a lot into having as much as possible into Google Home; I have created a Gmail account for the devices in my home. Let's call it awesomehome@. Then I created my Google Home under my account; awesomedude@ and invited aweso...

Screenshot (May 5, 2022 19_49_23).png Screenshot (May 5, 2022 19_49_53).png Screenshot (May 6, 2022 12_39_18).png
rapco by Community Member
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No access to Trusted Phone number used for 2 factor authentication

Good day,I recently changed my phone number and then discovered I could not log into the Nest Protect App as two factor authentication was generating a code to my old phone number. Called support. No help. Told to create a new account and add my Nest...

GrantOSH by Community Member
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Google Home App & Schlage Encode Lock

Hello Community,Up until the most recent Google Home App update i was able to click on my Lock Icon in the Home app and Lock/Unlock my front door Schlage Encode Lock but with the recent update when i click on the Lock icon all it does is take me to t...

pasta1234 by Community Member
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nest account sign in

Have a Nest thermostat and Drop cam, just installed three Protect smoke detectors. I am signed in to my Nest app on my Android phone, but under an old, outdated email. My password, carefully recorded, will not allow me to sign in, period, and passwor...

Lamps are offline

My Google Home Mini was working just fine with my smart lamps from Eglo. All of the sudden all the lamps show offline on the Google Home App but are still working fine on the Awox App from the Eglo lamps. I've already disconnected the accounts and co...

Thamt by Community Member
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Google cant verify my account

Please my Gmail account 9 month is not loginMy problem issue my Google account couldn't verify that belongs to youPlease my Google time recovery account add me # Labels: Android Google Assistant on Google Nest Device Google Home

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