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How to add user to my google home as not manager?

HelloI have Nest doorbell and other cameras on my home app, I want to invite a person to see the only the doorbell and it should not have control on my home or other devices, juts invite someone to view, is that possible? and how can give other peopl...

iTarek by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Duplicate charges on Google Nest Account

Hello,I recently discovered that I have been getting double charged for my Nest subscription since November of 2020 when Google took over Nest and changed plans (being charged for my old plan that does not exist anymore and the new one). I've contact...

Resolved! Duplicate devices

I changed my Wifi network and re-installed my devices. Two Google cams are duplicated (with different device names). How can I remove the two unneeded devices from home app?

PIIWizard by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Goggle Home, disconnected device

Is there a setting somewhere in Google Accounts prevent access to a Google home device? the issue I have is if I try accessing settings on a google home device from gmail accounts 1 or 2, I can access home devices just fine. But when using gmail acco...

Mayabeth by Community Member
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