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how to get in touch with Senior Support specialists

Hi we have an open case that's been open for 5 days and the next step is supposed to be done by the Senior Support Specialists. The support staff that man the chat/phones say they can't do anything. Anyone have any success in contacting the Senior Su...

BC1 by Community Member
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Solution to view Nest cameras on computer?

I've been using Nest with Nest Aware cameras in my businesses for 5+ years, but the move away from the Nest App without a solution to view ALL GENERATIONS of Nest cameras on a browser is ridiculous and will cause us to move away from Nest. Has anybod...

blascala by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! DATE/TIME Stamp - there must be a way?

I need to be able to save video clips with a date/time stamp for possible legal matters. I've searched heartily and it seems that there is no way to do this. What am I missing? I cannot believe that a new Google Nest camera with a Nest Aware subscrip...

Edubs by Community Member
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Nest app

Hi , can't download a clip of my history event details. There is no option. I subscribe monthly. Help! Thanks! Angie

Google Nest cannot email to my account for Nest

When the person for Google Nest tried to email me to verify my Nest account, they were unable to do so. For some reason my email for my nest account does not accept emails from them. I need help as now I am being charge for 2 Nest Aware accounts.

DCM by Community Member
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Nest aware App vs web

I have a nest aware plus subscription and can view my cameras fine on android, but I do not see any way to see the cameras on my computer. Is there a way to do this?

mike614 by Community Member
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Access Nest on iPhone

I don’t have access to my original email I set up the nest for. I bypassed that and tried with my google email, but it won’t let me access because it’s already registered (being used) by my old email with no access. What can I do now?

TPD808 by Community Member
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Paid for upgrade at end of trial money taken out but did not get upgrade

Cwhipple by Community Member
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I paid $120 for 10 day recording for 1 year with 30 day free trial but have never received it and my camera is not recording anything

Honeybea by Community Member
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