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New Nest Aware Sub'r Issue

Happy Holidays, After subscribing to Nest Aware my Google Home app doesn't appear to be displaying "events/history" for all devices, but shows "events/history" in the Nest app without issue. All was working fine within the trial period.So I have the ...

Nelood by Community Member
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Garbage service

I had a car crash into my driveway costing thousands in damages. I got it on my nest doorbell so I was like oh great I can show Amazon who delivered it. I decided to upgrade to nest aware to see if it would expand on that or increase the clarity. Nop...

Bman5600 by Community Member
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Nest not recording

Hi I need help. I purchased nest aware subcription but it is not showing up on my app. I cannot see videos or any recordings Please advise

Rogerrsvi by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini?

There may not be an answer to my problem. I am hoping to run my Google Nest Mini on 12v. My radio station changed their frequency recently and I am now unable to listen in my car. Changed from 1116 to 882. That frequency does not reach Maryborough fr...

HarryD by Community Member
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Getting Help on Nest

Good luck. This is about the least intuitive application. Need a replacement base? Sorry, they are not sold. Need someone to discuss subscriptions, good luck finding a person. Even my original installation was a mess. Quick hint, don’t use a Google p...

Lost subscription

Have 11 months left on my nest aware , which I migrated to google in September. I managed to delete my gmail account as I wanted info off a tablet I was selling. Got my email back again but since that have lost all my cameras and thermostat, been in ...

Mikea by Community Member
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NEST notification Emails link to Home app

I had a Pixel 3 which and when I click on a Nest Notification Email it took me to NEST APP.My new Pixel 6 now takes me to the Home APP which opens much slower.Can I change something to continue to link Emails to the NEST APP ?

RC519 by Community Member
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