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Google WiFi used to make devices appear on same network

Google WiFi used to make devices appear on same network that are connected via different bands. Has this changed? If so, they broke their firmware!All the "smart" 2.4Ghz devices can't handle their controlling devices not being on the same network, bu...

mmidgley by Community Member
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Devices keep losing connection

I have run speed tests and the Home app says wifi is up and running. However my devices (Laptop and Google Chrome TV devices) keep losing connections. Any suggestions

Pharm33 by Community Member
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How to hardwire Nest Wifi Pro points?

I have the Nest Wifi Pro 3 pack. One is connected to my modem. The other two I want to hardwire as I have cat 5 outlets throughout the house. I cannot figure out how to get these points hardwired to ethernet so they work together in that manner as th...

pricebl by Community Member
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All 2.4 Ghz devices ejected from Nest Pro and unable to reconnect

For the second time in 2 months, all my 2.4 Ghz devices were disconnected from WiFi and unable to reconnect until I rebooted the entire network. I did look at my wifi diag app and the SSID was being broadcasted normally. No other diagnostics availabl...

txco by Community Member
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Longer ethernet cable?

Can I use a longer ethernet cable between the router & google wifi - say 8 or 12 ft ?

Google Nest WiFi speed slower than modem

Starting this month my Google Nest WiFi speed is slower than modem and I have factory reset both my router and point, but does not help.

Sheldon88 by Community Member
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Real-World Performance Test of the Nest Wifi Pro

For the more technical people who might read this, I'll break down my experience with the Google Nest Wifi Pro. This write-up covers about 2 months of usage and the speeds reported are averages over many individual tests.I tested to see if the Nest W...

Squyd5070 by Community Member
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