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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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Solar Monitoring Device doesn't stay connected to Nest WiFi

Hi,I work for a company that installs Enphase solar hardware. A part of this hardware is a device called an 'Envoy' that records how much power the customer draws from the grid and how much solar power they are producing. This device then sends this ...

Google Wifi

Hi,I can't add a google wifi access point to my networkThanksGuy

PPP connection with Google Wifi

Hi folks,I just have bought the Google Wifi (set of three) to improve my home wifi. Luckily I have a fibre modem from my ISP and a standard router (fritzbox). This router does only the PPP connection to my ISP and providing a poor wifi nettwork in my...

Pras by Community Member
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Google Wi-Fi migration to Google Home

I haven't had to make any changes to my Google Wi-Fi network in years. Today I launched the Google WiFi app on my iPhone and found that it wouldn't do anything with the net and that I had to use Google Home. I downloaded that and told Google WiFi to ...

dwithrow by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Wifi - intermmitent connectivity when connected to work VPN

Hi all,I'm not a network expert so forgive me for that in advance.I have Google Wi-fi connected to my router and an additional Google Nest wi-fi point. I have both wi-fi from my router and the wi-fi from Google Nest.Connection works great when I'm no...

Eugabgomes by Community Member
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Resolved! NEST point outlet mount

Searched and never saw a thread on this. Does anyone know if it is an issue to have your NEST points flipped 90 degrees so that I can use a plug mount to reduce cordage? They are aftermarket holders that plug into an outlet however you have to flip t...

hilerie11 by Community Member
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Resolved! All audio through bluetooth

Can all audio from google assistant, via Nest Wi-Fi point, go through a connected bluetooth speaker? The music will play, but weather, news, etc, still comes from the point.

Google Mesh wifi GEN1 keeps going down

My mesh network worked without issues for about 16 months and then just started to fail. I have performed a factory reset on the mesh network, and power reset my broadband router.I then performed the setup process a number of times The three nest wif...

Unable to configure WiFi on my new Google Nest 2nd Gen

I bought a new Google Nest 2nd Gen. I live in Company provided accomodations in Denmark. Here I have Enterprise WiFi at my official home ( company provided).Now I am not able to configure Google Home using my company wifi at Home accomodations. I liv...