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Can't print from laptop but from android phone

Hi there, Since upgrading from my ISPs WiFi router to the nest wifi Pro mesh WiFi system I can no longer connect to my brother dcp 1612w printer and print / scan from my laptop. I can however connect the printer to the new WiFi (old WiFi is off) and ...

Google Wifi Pro Nat Loopback issue

I have a Synology Nas on my network that I access from both inside and outside my Lan depending on where I am. I use a domain address ( with port forwarding set in my google pro router. When I am inside my Lan using Nat loopba...

Fred190 by Community Member
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Nest WiFi pro LAN wired connection gets half the speed

Just received my 3 routers nest WiFi pro. Excited! My house is wired and connected them using a gigabit switch. I have a 1Gb fiber internet connection that consistently delivers 900-800 Mbps both for uploading and downloading.I noticed the speed of m...

Mulargui by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Waiting for the final bits of setup to complete - then fails

I'm trying to install two more Nest WiFi Points, but both face plant when they try to finish up the installation. The last part ends with an animation and a message, "Waiting for the final bits of setup to complete." Then it says, "The operation time...

Resolved! Is Nest WiFi Pro a true mesh?

Is Nest WiFi Pro a true mesh (e.g, like ZigBee), or a star-type network with satellites always connecting to the main router? I have 4 nodes, one of them furthest from the router yielding a weak mesh test - see screenshots. The recommendation Home ap...

Screenshot_20221210-123858_Home.jpg Screenshot_20221210-123913_Home.jpg
Mostwired by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro - Slow Speeds

Purchased the Nest Wifi Pro which arrived today, connected over PPPOE but getting speeds of 200-300mbps despite the previous setup hitting results of 700mbps.iI thought these issues were fixed in the last firmware update but looks as though the speed...

Mattzy by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest wifi disconnect issues

I have been experiencing disconnect issues for my nest access points for months. They go offline and need to be rebooted several times a day. I have seen numerous posts about this over the last few months as well. When is Google going to fix this iss...

Pschild by Community Member
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No internet connection,4 points/ mesh test good.

No internet connection. All 4 mesh test good, have solid light blue lights. All worked good for the first few months, then a big storm came and system died. Have reset modem/router many times.

already port forwarded still not working

So, I port forwarded my Google Wifi on port 80 to host my website.Tried connecting on my iPad (hosting website on pc)Still won't work (btw i''m using XAMPP) Thanks mates!

ducky328 by Community Member
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