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Morning Routine Doesn’t Play Music

So I’ve never used the morning routine feature before and the only google nest product or similar that I own is my Nest Mini. The start for the routine is already set, so I added some actions, Adjust Media Volume, Play a delightful chime, tell me the...

Nest Hub 2 mixing languages

Since I cannot respond to that thread, here it is. I'm having a nightmare if problemas with GH, and its devices. This one I'm having too.OP said:I´m having an issue with the Nest Hub 2, with a mix of two languages on the screen. I have tried hard res...

Cannot send invite for Workspace accounts in SAME Workspace

I have my Google Home registered under our Google Workspace account. I am trying to invite family members (of the same Workspace domain) into the Google Home... but every time I try to invite it just says "Can't send invite right now".I have been att...

rvdshome by Community Member
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Highly demanded feature: assistant speaking rate control

This feature has been in request for a very long time now and is very simple to implement, yet it hasn't been added. Alexa has it for years now and Google doesn't. Is there a reason for it? The request is very simple: change the rate at which the ass...

Abe1 by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Recording while off

My nest hub max has started recording while turned off in the past week. I get notifications while the light is off and it is set to off in the home app by the home\away routine. This is absolutely unacceptable for obvious reasons and gives me a real...

Google Home and Apple Music

I ask Google Home to play music. It will say playing Apple Music and nothing comes on. When I ask it to play one of my playlists, it will but not just general music. Am I missing something? It used to play music with no problems a few months ago.

Tjohn127 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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animal of the day

My nest hub answers asked what the animal of the day is, but it no longer continues the conversation. It used to, until recently, ask follow up questions, like "since you like animal sounds so much can you guess if this is a tiger or a lion" and play...

Calz by Community Member
  • 25 replies
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Nesthub Gen 2 not connect my home Wfi

Hi:Yesterday I received an update for my Nest Hub Gen 2. After installing, it stop working, I've tried reconfigure by reseting data but it never finish to add to app home, fail to connect wifi or fail link my account.Please, can someone I help me?