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Wrong radio station

When I ask Google (on my nest speaker) to stream Greatest Hits Radio it would automatically stream GHR. Leeds & West Yorkshire as I’m in Leeds.Recently it has started to stream GHR Hereford &Worcester and nothing I do will make it play my ‘local’ rad...

Paul55018 by Community Member
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Google Home Max together with Nest Audio

Is it possible to play the same music on Nest Audio and Google Home Max in one room which means using the Max like a subwoofer? Do I have to group the speakers in the room or is there any other way, like pairing the speakers.

GG4 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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I bought two mini’s

I have 2 mini nests I don’t know which one I connected already Center tell them apart , I only want one and k can’t get it connected?

Deborah62 by Community Member
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My google nest will only play one song at a time. It just started a couple of days ago. I usually say hey google play some music and she will play until I tell her to stop. Now all of a sudden I have to ask her to play a song after each song to keep ...

Nest Mini cuts out? (media or answer ends too soon)

Now my Nest Mini has more problems, when I tell it to make me laugh, there's a chance it ends the joke prematurely. More importantly, at night, where it's supposed to read a poem, that gets cut off suddenly and nothing happens. I tried resetting it, ...

Raakone by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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