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Google nest Mini 2nd generation cannot connection to both personal hotspot via WiFi or even via blue

Here's my issues,My friend purchased a Google next mini I believe it's second generationHe has no fixed internet at his place So I decided to set up his Google nest Mini .. the only way I could with the absence of internet buy personal hotspot ng my ...

Sensitivity Setting

I have a Google Mini about 12" from my head. The sensitivity is set to +2. In the next room with an open door, I have a Google 10" display. The sensitivity is set to -2. When I speak to Google, the display in the other room usually responds. I can ha...

Mary by Community Member
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Access Nest cameras from different Home on my Nest Hub?

Good day! I recently set up Nest cameras (battery) in my mom's home. I am able to view the feeds easily through the Google Home app via a second Home location. Is it possible for me to view the camera feeds on the Nest Hub that I have in *my* house? ...

DATE, time, weather

I've been using Chromecast for a little over three years now and love it's graceful relationship with my Android devices. I really haven't fully utilized NEST as my Hub accessing my streaming content, but I've used it more of a Master Controller hand...

Frequent disconnection of Nest home mini

I have bought Nest Home Mini and it keeps on disconnecting very frequently, I have tried plugging out and plugging in, reseted it as well. But still the issue persists. Some help would be appriciated.Thanks in advance.

yashwanth by Community Member
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Resolved! Multiple Spotify accounts

We have a google home mini in our kitchen, and I have a spotify premium account. It's linked to the home mini, and so whenever one of us asks it to play music, it will use that account to play the music. However, occasionally I will be using the acco...

shisusan by Community Member
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