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Update on Assistant experience on Nest Speakers & Displays Read more

Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Resolved! Having trouble with Speaker groups? Read this first

Hi everyone, Thank you for continuing to notify us of the reliability issues you’re facing with your Speaker groups. I escalated these issues internally and the team is actively investigating a resolution. If you’re able, all feedback is appreciated!...

Nest hub and share camera

Good morning. In my nest hub i want make a audio call with a nest hub in other house, to my father. Contact is added as familiar, email google are inserted, Google meet is cinfigured. When i ask google to CALL PAPA BEDROOM (that is the room of his ne...

Resolved! Google Nest Hub not powering up

My nest hub showing recovery window to resest but when i reset it shows G icon and again going in recovery window.. Not powering up.. I tried multiple times unplugging and restting but no luck

Home speaker

Can I get a refund of my Google homes? I'm sick to freaking death of being woken up in the night by "sorry I do not understand" or "hi there, how can I help?" Or some other random shizzle. I only use it to play music and a not smart speaker would hon...

Google Home does not play TuneIn radio stations anymore

Since a couple of days when I ask to play my usual radio station Goggle Home responds "Sorry I do not understand".The same with all my other Google Home devices at home.When I ask for any radio, Google Home plays random music on Spotify.I'm in Belgiu...

Joshka by Community Member
  • 17 replies
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Default music provider not set

Hello. I am in Israel and bought a new google nest speaker in Berlin, Germany.After adding a new home and a new device (a speaker which has been automatically recognised as a local device) when trying to add spotify while entering “your music service...

Where do I find scheduled tasks

I often set lights to come on at a specific time, but later need or want to change that time. I cannot figure out where to find that command or how to modify it. Example the other day I set lights to come on at 1145pm, but got home around 10pm. I tur...

CGinCA by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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"And now, time for a break" plays when skipping songs

Hey all,I've been experiencing an issue with playing songs from my Nest Mini and I want to see if anyone has been experiencing the same issue. Whenever I ask Google to skip a currently playing song, it won't skip to the next song but will instead say...

KatiaB by Community Member
  • 71 replies
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