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Jeopardy Questions Not Showing on Google Home

When we try to play Jeopordy it only shows the category in the top left of the screen. It doesn't show the question or the answers and it's really hard to play. I've tried rebooting, restarting, and reinstalling and still no change.

Nest hub won’t connect to wifi

 hi there, trying desperately to set up the Google nest. But running into same problem time after time I’ve enabled all the right settings, my phone isn’t connected to 5G but still it won’t connect. I also had a similar problem with a robot vacuum bu...

Brookietb by Community Member
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Google nest hub 2

Hello, i have a nest hub 2nd gen and today when I went to use it, it was in German. It’s been in English the whole time and now it’s in German. The assistant is in English, only the system is in German. How do I change it back to English? Olso i can ...

Rrrrrrr by Community Member
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Simple question about Media tab

So, real simple, but I can't find the answer. If I have music playing on my system (a speaker group), but my hub has gone to ambient mode, how can I get it to display what's currently playing. I initiated the music from the hub by saying play music o...

nnjjoe50 by Community Member
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Change TV channels by their name

Hi there from Spain.I have linked my Nest with the LG TV successfully. Everything works fine, but I can’t figure out how to change the channels by their name instead of the channel number.Is it possible in spanish language?I thought I could make a ro...

Ferjo by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub Max Camera Connection Issues

Hello, I did a search before posting and tried all the things. Here is the deal. 4 cameras plus a doorbell plus the Hub Max. Out of no where video is gone on the Max. Whomever I am video calling with can't see me and no option to turn on camera. Went...

Kella by Community Member
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4 nest hubs, 1 & 2 are the same, 3 is different and 4 too!

HiI have recently bought 4 nest hub 2nd gen. Mine and the one in the kitchen are the same: same apps, tabs etc.1 in daughter 1's room has german text on it although language is set in dutch, and has no apps at all and lacks a few tabs. Her menu also ...

Ynske by Community Member
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